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Student Education & Outreach


The mysteries of how the brain develops, functions and malfunctions are among the most challenging and fascinating in modern medicine where new techniques at the molecular, cellular, behavioural, bioengineering and computational level are opening up new avenues for major discovery to understand and enhance brain health across the lifespan.

The CNS Centre offers first class opportunities for undergraduate and post-graduate education, research and continuing professional development in Neuroscience.  Our ambition and educational portfolio is designed to provide world class multidisciplinary and student-centred education in neuroscience, enabling students to develop to lead the way as neuroscientists of the future in research, clinical, industrial and policy spheres.

Our Centre provides highly interdisciplinary, intellectually vibrant education, training and mentoring within our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, attracting excellent students. Our undergraduate Neuroscience degree was the first Neuroscience degree programme to be developed in Ireland, leading the way in educating the neuroscientists of our future. We offer several unique MSc programmes including the MSc in Gerontology and Rehabilitation, and with our colleagues in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, the MSc in Molecular Cell Biology and Bioinnovation. We provide a highly multidisciplinary PhD and MD research programmes and substantial opportunities for post-doctoral research.
We welcome you to apply to our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.


We are very active in outreach activities interacting with society at all levels creating dynamic dialogue about neuroscience and providing information about our discoveries that are increasing understanding of the brain to improve brain health across the lifespan. 



Cork NeuroScience CNS Centre - Integrating Clinical and Basic Research

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