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Dr Olivia O’Leary receives Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

22 Jun 2015
Symposium speakers: Dr O’Leary (first on left) and her fellow speakers in the symposium - “Genetic and epigenetic regulation of stress related behaviors”

Congratulations to Dr. Olivia O’Leary who was honoured with the 2015 Outstanding Junior Faculty Award from the International and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS). 

Dr O’Leary received her award at the 2015 IBANGS conference that was held in Uppsala, Sweden.  This international award recognises the contribution that Dr O’Leary has made in understanding how certain genetic factors can alter susceptibility and resilience to the negative impacts of psychological stress. Dr O’Leary presented her research as part of a symposium focused on “Genetic and epigenetic regulation of stress related behaviors”. 


Award winners: Dr. O’Leary (third from left) with Dr Antonio Noronha (Director, Division of Neuroscience and Behavior, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, USA) and the outstanding student and postdoc awardees. 


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