Eugene Cassidy

Selected Publications

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Dr. Eugene Cassidy

Dr Cassidy graduated in Medicine (MBBChBAO) from UCD in 1992. He completed a Master of Medical Science (Physiology, Hons) at UCD in 1995 which included a thesis on the role of metabotropic glutamate receptors on synaptic plasticity in the rat hippocampal formation. He completed basic specialist training in Psychiatry in Cluain Mhuire and St John of God Mental Health Service, Dublin in 1998 and subsequently worked as a special Lecturer in Adult Psychiatry at UCD. He was a clinical Research Fellow in Liaison Psychiatry at Beaumont Hospital, RCSI, 1999-2001 where he examined neuroendocrine and inflammatory aspects of mood disturbance in migraine and stroke leading to his MD (RCSI, NUI). He completed higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital/Institute of Psychiatry in London prior to his appointment to his current post in 2003. This is a full-time clinical post providing a liaison psychiatry service at Cork University Hospital.


Research Interests:

Biological (including amine, endocrine and inflammatory) aspects of functional symptoms and syndromes and of mood disturbance in medical illness.

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