Catherine Keohane

Research Interests

Epidemiology and Molecular markers in  Gliomas

Malignant gliomas are the most malignant neoplasm of humans classically associated with a very prognosis. They are increasing in incidence, possibly due to an ageing population and increased survival from other diseases. Glioma behaviour and response to both radiation and chemotherapy is linked to  a number of molecular  markers, some of which can be reliably tested in formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue, used routinely in brain tumour diagnosis.

Matched with clinical data from our CNS tumour database, this makes them very useful to assess both in archival and recent biopsies of brain tumours. 

Current Projects: CNS Tumours.

  1. Stability of MGMT over time in tissue from recurrent Gliomas  (with Dr W Stewart Glasgow University)
  2. New primary CNS Tumours in patients treated for a systemic malignancyTissue Assessment of a new target molecule for treatment of Malignant Gliomas (with  Dr Paul Mulholland, Institute of Neurology, London )

Invited Publicaions: Articles:

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Invited publications: Book Chapters

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Papers in peer-Reviewed Journals

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Dr Catherine Keohane

Dr Catherine Keohane is a Consultant Neuropathologist in Cork University Hospital. Her research interests include Epidemiology and Molecular markers in  Gliomas.

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