EuGMS Survey

EuGMS Survey

19 Sep 2023

EuGMS SIG Survey

The following is a link to the EuGMS SIG Survey entitled,  'The relationships between dementia, delirium and frailty as perceived by geriatricians across Europe'.The purpose of this project is to explore the perceptions of geriatricians and senior geriatric trainees in Europe about the complex relationship between dementia, delirium and frailty. This includes relative prevalence, overlaps, causality, etc. The answers you provide will help educators and researchers in all three conditions understand how we perceive these conditions, and particularly where there may be misperceptions or differences in views.


EuGMS Survey Link


Translation List

We have also translated the survey into several European languages should you have difficulty understanding any of the words in the survey. However, please make sure to answer all survey questions in English only when completing the above survey.

Ukrainian Translation

Norwegian Translation

Italian Translation

Swedish Translation

French Translation

Greek Translation

Finnish Translation

Dutch Translation

German Translation

Spanish Translation

Portuguese Translation

Should you have any questions, please contact the Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Catriona Curtin at

Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation

School of Medicine, UCC The Bungalow, Block 13, St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork, Republic of Ireland.