The postgraduate programme in Older Person Rehabilitation is a Flexible, Practical, Interdisciplinary, Tailored, and Unique course.  

Unique Aspects of the Course

Established in 2011, the Older Person Rehabilitation postgraduate programme is a unique course which will allow you to develop your skills as a leader in gerontology and rehabilitation.  This interdisciplinary course is the only one of its kind in Ireland and the UK. 

The flexible approach allows students to choose from a range of modules to build a course tailored to them.  A student-centred focus promotes flexible timetabling and blended learning to minimise travel time. Lecturers are experienced clinicians from a range of disciplines who promote interdisciplinary learning and practise.

Skills and Careers Information

In today’s competitive workforce, higher professional qualifications are an essential part of continuous professional development and career advancement.  The MSc is particularly suitable for those who want to assume a management and leadership position in the care of older people.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Have gained the critical skills to evaluate rehabilitation models and settings, and the evidence base for current practices in older person rehabilitation.
  • Gain knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of key topics required to practice in stroke rehabilitation.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills required to design, undertake and evaluate quantitative and qualitative research in older person rehabilitation.
  • Have the skills to act as a leader and innovator in older person rehabilitation.


The following two modules in Older Person Rehabilitation have been approved by Bord Altranais for Category 1 approval modules. 

CG6002 - Stroke Rehabilitation

"Category 1 approved by Bord Altranais agus Cnaimhseachais na hEireann for 29 NMBI CEUs"

CG6006 - Falls, Mobility and Movement Disorders

"Category 1 approved by Bord Altranais agus Cnaimhseachais na hEireann for 25 NMBI CEUs"

For a full listing of modules in Older Person Rehabilitation, please click on link or proceed to the next tab on page.

For a full list of CPD modules in Older Person, please click on this link.

Here are additional courses students can take towards credits

Details of the CT6000 Research Methodology module can be downloaded from the Book of Modules 2015-2016 or information can be got from the School of Clinical Therapies, 1st Floor, Brookfield Health Science complex, University College Cork, College Road, Cork. Tel: (0214901569) or

Details of the NU6077 Gerontological Nursing: Social, Psychological and Mental Health Perspectives module can be downloaded from the Book of Modules 2015-2016 or information can be got from the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Brookfield Health Science Complex, University College Cork, College Road, Cork. Tel: (0214903000/1459) or


Listed below are the provisional contact dates for the modules offered in Semester 1 (September - December 2016)

as well as the contact dates for our external modules that students take to meet credit requirements. 

Click on the links for more detail:   

CG6003 Contact Dates - Cognition, Communication, Capacity 

CG6005 Contact Dates  - Amputee and Prosthetic Rehabilitation

CG6009 Contact Dates- Principles of Older Person Rehabilitation

External Modules

EH6038 Contact Dates - Term 1 - Applied Research Methods 



The following are the provisional contact dates for modules offered in Semester 2 (January - May 2017) 

CG6002 Contact Dates - Stroke Module

CG6006 Contact Dates - Falls Module (Revised dates will be uploaded after Christmas)

CG6012 Contact Dates - Neuromuscular Disorders Module (Revised dates will be uploaded after Christmas)

External Module

CT6000 Contact Dates - Term 2 - Research Methodology


We offer a programme of studies at the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation entitled Postgraduate Studies in Older Person Rehabilitation.  This is available to all healthcare disciplines and can be studied as four streams:  CPD modules, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, or MSc.  Each stream is linked so you can begin with a CPD module and use your credits towards the PGCert, or begin with the PGCert and progress to the MSc.  You can also exit at any time with credit for the modules you have taken.

This programme began in 2011, and has grown from strength to strength.  In 2013/2014, we introduced an in-depth study module for 15 credits to all students to concentrate on a single area of rehabilitation; in 2014/2015 we are offering a new module on Neuromuscular Rehabilitation.

See our section on "what our graduates say" to access past student testimonials.

Please return to the main menu to view or download programme brochure which contains further details of individual courses, or to review individual modules:

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CPD Modules

Further details on CPD modules, can be accessed by clicking on the above or below link, then scroll down and click on tab entitled Older Person in Rehabilitation to bring up details on CPD modules:  Link

Or contact us directly at: Tel: +353 (0)21 462 7347

Angela, Rehabilitation Nurse, PGDiploma student 2013-2014

"The course was thoroughly enjoyable, and has greatly enhanced my role as a Rehabilitation Nurse both clinically and in my communication as part of the multidisciplinary team.  The modules are varied and interesting.  I would highly recommend this course to nurses working within the area of care of the older person."

Catherine, Geriatrician, MSc student 2011-2014

“This course really helped formalise the activities of my day-to-day job.... Well worthwhile and recommended to other doctors and health-care professionals alike.”

Louise, Physiotherapist & PT Assistant Lecturer, MSc student, 2011-2013

"I found the course to be varied and enjoyable. Its flexibility meant that I could focus on the area’s most important to me and my practice. The best part for me was the focus on research and the support to develop my research and writing skills while working on research projects that had value and meaning in a clinical setting."

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