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 Professor Molloy - M.B, B.Ch, B.A.O. (1977); M.R.C.P. IRELAND (1980); L.M.C.C. (May 1983); F.R.C.P.(C) (1985)

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Prof William Molloy Professor/Head of Department

Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation,

St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road,

Cork, Ireland




Professor Molloy - M.B, B.Ch, B.A.O. (1977); M.R.C.P. IRELAND (1980); L.M.C.C. (May 1983); F.R.C.P.(C) (1985) Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine - graduated from UCC in 1977 and was appointed as the Chair of the Centre of Gerontology and Rehabilitation in September 2010. Prior to this he was Professor of Medicine at McMaster University, Canada and St. Peter’s McMaster Chair in Aging. Prof. Molloy has an extensive publication history in the area of Dementia and current research interests include advance directives, clinical trials in dementia and efficient use of acute hospital services for older people.

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Dr. Suzanne Timmons, MB; BCh; BAO; MD; MSc (Ger Med); FRCPI.

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Dt. Suzanne Timmons Senior Lecturer

Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation,

St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road,

Cork, Ireland




Suzanne Timmons graduated from UCC in 1995 and trained in Geriatric Medicine, with a sub-speciality interest in neurological illness in later life. She received an Honours Masters degree in Geriatric Medicine from Keele University in 2004, and a subsequent MD from UCC in 2007 (thesis on intracellular survival pathways in neurodegenerative diseases). She was appointed as part-time Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation in 2010 and is the Programme Co-Ordinator for the MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation. Her current research themes include delirium, dementia and the overlap between these diseases as they relate to the acute hospital care of older people. In addition, she retains a clinical and research interest in Parkinson’s disease in older people.

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Dr. Carol Fitzgerald

Centre Manager (Research Support Officer)

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Staff - Research Fellow

Ruth McCullagh is a chartered physiotherapist who works clinically in the Mercy University Hospital as senior in Medical Services and also teaches on the Post Graduate Programme on Older Adult Rehabilitation.

She graduated from Cardiff School of Physiotherapy in 1992 and completed her MSc in Neurorehabilitation from Brunel University College in 1996. She has worked clinically in the areas of Neurology and Gerontology since then and has also held teaching posts in both the RCSI and TCD Schools of Physiotherapy.

Her research interest lies in the area of exercise and activity. She has published work in Multiple Sclerosis. She is now studying her PhD in UCC, looking at the effects of augmented exercise on frail hospitalised older adults.

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Dr. Rónán Ó Caoimh
Dr. O Caoimh has completed his training in Geriatrics in Ireland and is currently doing a PhD with the centre.  The following is a brief summary of his work and progress todate.

His developing an instrument to measure risk of death, institutionalisation and/or prolonged hospital stay. He has developed this complex instrument, made scoring and administration guidelines and a training manual to go with it. To date he has performed extensive literature searches in this area in an attempt to find an equivalent. There is none currently. This instrument focuses on four domains, Mental State, Independence in activities of daily living, medical illnesses and caregiver function. This instrument called the HART (is the Hospital Assessment of Risk Tool) and a variant the CART (Community Assessment of Risk Tool) will be used in hospitals and in the community to determine each older adults’ risk of these three outcomes and can then be used to prioritize care needs. It can be used to discriminate between those at low and high risk, those who will benefit from certain interventions and as a triage tool for care needs and risk of certain outcomes. Currently it is being trialled in hospitals and it is being prepared for the community. This tool, if it can be refined and validated will offer health care professionals a novel approach to risk assessment of older adults with complex needs that has not been available previously.


Staff - Researchers

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Dr Noeleen Brady

Research Support Officer

Ms Mareeta Calnan Clinical Research Nurse NILVAD WM
Dr Nicola Cornally

Research Support Officer-Clinical Nurse

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Let Me Decide WM
Dr Siobhan Fox

Research Support Officer

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Palliative Care in Parkinson's disease ST
Mr Edmund Manning Research Nurse INAD/NIAD ST
Ms Emma O Shea

PhD Student

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Ms Dawn O Sullivan Research Support Officer GENIO ST
Mr Ronan O Sullivan Project Manager Geriatric Database WM







Staff - Assistant Lecturer

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Ms. Orla Duggan Assistant Lecturer Postgraduate Studies in Older Person Rehab



Staff - PhD Students

Dr Ciara McGlade (Primary Supervisor: Professor D Molloy)

Ms Ruth McCullagh (Primary Supervisor: Dr S Timmons)

Mr Kieran Walsh (Primary Supervisor: Dr S Timmons)

Ms Tara Kearns (Primary Supervisor: Professor D Molloy)

Ms Emma O'Shea (Co-Supervisor: Dr S Timmons)






Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation

School of Medicine, UCC The Bungalow, Block 13, St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork, Republic of Ireland.