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This programme began in 2011, and has grown from strength to strength.  In 2013 we introduced an in-depth study module for 15 credits to all students to concentrate on a single area of rehabilitation and in 2014 we introduced a new module on Neuromuscular Rehabilitation.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Older Person Rehabilitation -

MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation - 

See our section on "what our graduates say" to access past student testimonials and continue reading below to find out more information on the programmes and individual modules offered.

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Reasons for Studying our Programme at UCC

The postgraduate programme in Older Person Rehabilitation is a Flexible, Practical, Interdisciplinary, Tailored, and Unique course.  

Unique Aspects of the Course

The Older Person Rehabilitation postgraduate programme is a unique course which will allow you to develop your skills as a leader in gerontology and rehabilitation.  This interdisciplinary course is the only one of its kind in Ireland and the UK. 

The flexible approach allows students to choose from a range of modules to build a course tailored to them.  A student-centred focus promotes flexible timetabling and blended learning to minimise travel time. Lecturers are experienced clinicians from a range of disciplines who promote interdisciplinary learning and practise.

Skills and Careers Information

In today’s competitive workforce, higher professional qualifications are an essential part of continuous professional development and career advancement.  The MSc is particularly suitable for those who want to assume a management and leadership position in the care of older people.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Have gained the critical skills to evaluate rehabilitation models and settings, and the evidence base for current practices in older person rehabilitation.
  • Gain knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of key topics required to practice in stroke rehabilitation.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills required to design, undertake and evaluate quantitative and qualitative research in older person rehabilitation.
  • Have the skills to act as a leader and innovator in older person rehabilitation.

Semester Dates and Module Timetables

Semester 1 dates: 30/8/2021 - 17/12/2021

Semester 2 dates: to follow

External Modules

EH6038 - Applied Research Methods : Offered through the School of Public Health (Fully taught Module during Semester 1)

MH6014 Advanced Research Methods for Healthcare Professionals : Offered through the School of Medicine (Course is delivered online)



Modules in Older Person Rehabilitation

NMBI Approved Courses

The following two Stand Alone modules have been approved by Bord Altranais (NMBI) for Category 2 Post Registration Courses. 

MH6016 Advance Care Planning

Approval period 30 September 2025

MH6014 Advanced Research Methods for Healthcare professionals

Approval period 25 May 2022


The following programmes have been approved by Bord Altranais (NMBI) for Category 2 Post Registration Courses. 

MSc Older Person Rehabilitation

Postgraduate Certificate in Older Person Rehabilitation

Postgraduate Diploma (Exit Only)

Approval period 30 September 2025

What Our Graduates Say

Sophie Koh, MSc OPR, 2022-2023

The MSc. in Older Person Rehabilitation offers a variety of modules that helps me to gain more insight into the different aspects of care for older adults that is beyond the physiotherapy viewpoint. I would recommend this course to physiotherapist looking to broaden their understanding on the needs of older adults.

Emily Farrell, MSc OPR, 2022-2023

When looking into a return to third level education, it was important to me to have a course with an MDT focus, and not one that was aimed solely at physiotherapy concepts. What finalised my decision was the ability to tailor my learning experience to my own needs and interests through elective modules. I found the course content very interesting and immediately applicable to my working role in Older Person's Rehabilitation Units. I undertook the MSc in a part time capacity while working full time and I do feel like the balance between work and study was very manageable. The emphasis on current research encouraged me to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field and this new knowledge I was reading had an immediate influence on my clinical practice.

I found all of the staff - academic and administrative, entirely approachable and helpful throughout the course. With support from my supervisors, the daunting task of designing, conducting, analysing and reporting on a piece of research became much more manageable and enjoyable. I would recommend this course to any healthcare professional working with older adults looking to expand their knowledge and develop their practice.

Neah Albasha, MSc OPR 2019-2020

The course was helpful and supportive for me because it provided comprehensive knowledge and skills through studying various modules that focus on different diseases that affect older people. It also made me aware of the valuable role of working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams for planning goals and treating patients .This course was useful as it highlighted the importance of research. I have learned research and writing skills, starting from designing a study research to writing the final paper. Besides this, understanding the value of research made me appreciate everything related to the research process that ultimately serves our target population, older adults. I would recommend this course to others, particularly those who work with older people.

Josephine Wang, MScOPR 2018-2019

The course has helped me to develop a more holistic approach of managing the care of the older person and also sparked ideas for the development of future services for this population in my country of practice, especially in the area of making care patient-centred. Modules with focus on the component of research really helped equipped me to better appreciate scientific papers and interpret data. This was really useful in helping me to know the fundamentals to designing any form of research project, which will be something that I can use in the design of future research or as a framework teach others to work in line with. This course has helped me to appreciate the area of research as an important arm of healthcare.

Angela, Rehabilitation Nurse, PGDiploma student 2013-2014

"The course was thoroughly enjoyable, and has greatly enhanced my role as a Rehabilitation Nurse both clinically and in my communication as part of the multidisciplinary team.  The modules are varied and interesting.  I would highly recommend this course to nurses working within the area of care of the older person."

Catherine, Geriatrician, MSc student 2011-2014

“This course really helped formalise the activities of my day-to-day job.... Well worthwhile and recommended to other doctors and health-care professionals alike.”

Louise, Physiotherapist & PT Assistant Lecturer, MSc student, 2011-2013

"I found the course to be varied and enjoyable. Its flexibility meant that I could focus on the area’s most important to me and my practice. The best part for me was the focus on research and the support to develop my research and writing skills while working on research projects that had value and meaning in a clinical setting."

Below is a flavour of past students' research and Conference Presentations:

Inês Saramago, graduated with MSc Older Person Rehabilitation, 2018.

“Nurses’ Experiences of Stress When Dealing with Stroke Patients and Families: A Mixed Method Study”

Poster at School of Nursing Conference, November 2018 & Platform Presentation at the Irish Heart Foundation National Stroke Conference, April 2019.


Ide Shaugnessy, graduated with Postgraduate Diploma in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2018.

"Predicators and Outcomes of Older Persons Attending the Emergency Department"

Oral presentation at Falls, Frailty, Sarcopenia & Polypharmacy Conference Dublin, February 2019; poster presentation at IGS September 2019


"In older people, delirium is a stronger predictor than frailty status of the need for admission post Emergency Department attendance". 

Oral presentation at Platform at European Delirium Association Conference, Edinburgh September 2019


Peter Ward, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2018.

"Staff members’ perceptions of the “End PJ Paralysis” initiative"

Poster at the Irish Gerontological Society Meeting, September 2018.

Also, oral presentation at End PJ Paralysis Global Summit, July 2018


Soot Yee Beh, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2018.

“Older inpatients’ experience and insights into fear of falling: A feasibility study”

Published in Physiotherapy Practice and Research, January 2019.


Reema Antony, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2018.

“Health professionals’ and patients’ views of discussing sexual well-being post stroke”

Published in Rehabilitation Nursing journal, May 2018.


Abdullah Tobaigy, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2017. 

"The Feasibility of Using Exergames as a Rehabilitation Tool: The Attitudes, Awareness, Opinions and Experiences of Physiotherapists, and Older People towards Exergames"

Published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, April 2018.


Jiamin Lin, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2017

"An Investigation into the Perception of the Term “Frailty” Among Middle Aged and Older Adults"

Poster at the Falls, Frailty and Bone Health Conference, November 2017.


Nuha Alshaaili, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2017

“Healthcare Professionals’ Attitudes, Practice and Influencing Factors with Regard to Considering Older Persons’ Spirituality during Rehabilitation: A Mixed-Methods Study”

Poster at Irish Gerontological Society Meeting, 2017.


Claire O’Brien, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2017

"Staff, volunteer and family experiences of using life story books with people who have moderate to severe cognitive impairment in a residential care setting"

Poster at Irish Gerontological Society Meeting, 2017, and Growing Excellence in Dementia Care Confernce, April 2018.


Aoife Collins, graduated with MSc in Older Person Rehabilitation, 2016.

“Mobility outcomes for those with primary lower limb amputation attending a regional outpatient prosthetic rehabilitation service”

Published in Physiotherapy Practice and Research, January 2018.


Louise Broderick, graduated with MSc Older Person Rehabilitation, 2014.

“Perceptions, Expectations, and Informal Supports Influence Exercise Activity in Frail Older Adults”

Published in SAGE open, April 2015.

"Frail older adults' perceptions of an in-hospital structured exercise intervention"

Published in Physiotherapy, December 2017

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