Biomedical Science

BSc Honours in Biomedical Science

BSc Honours in Biomedical Science

This direct entry degree course is offered jointly by University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology.  The degree programme was developed jointly by the two institutes to improve course structure, curriculum, student experience and career opportunities. The programme is managed, administered and taught through both institutions.

There are thirty places available on the programme via CAO code CR320 (replacing CK402 entry to Biomedical Science in UCC and CR085 entry to BSc Biomedical Science level 7 in CIT). 

This direct entry degree programme is accredited and recognised by the Academy of Medical Laboratory Sciences in Ireland. Clinical placement of students in hospital laboratories is required for accreditation.

Biomedical Science is the term for the investigations, carried out by Biomedical Scientists on samples of tissue and body fluids, to diagnose disease and monitor the treatment of patients. Scientists work in partnership with doctors and other healthcare professionals to perform many different roles in medical laboratories. Biomedical Science is a continually changing dynamic profession and involves study of the diverse areas of medical science including: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Haematology and Transfusion Science. It provides training in ‘state of the art’ technologies, to facilitate investigation of disease and medical research.

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