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Title: PAIN OUT working with healthcare providers to optimize management of perioperative pain: a multi-centre project in 8 countries in Europe.

Investigating team: George Shorten, Brona Fullen, Gabriella Iohom, Fahd Aamir, Hassan Ahmed, Owen O’Sullivan, Stefan Dudek, Suresh Chittoodan, Osman Ahmed, Joanne O’Brien

Background: PAIN-OUT is a non-for profit European research and quality improvement project. This is a two-phase prospective observational study which aims to identify and apply quality control measures to improve postoperative pain management in Europe.

Objective: To share and discuss quality improvement in pain management (scientific findings, quality improvement strategies, differences between countries, public health issues, and political barriers) with Europe’s community of anaesthesiologists.

Preliminary results: N/A

Current status:  baseline data collection

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine