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Personal and Management Coaching [online/blended or predominantly class-room based] - PG Dip

Course Fact File
Duration1 year
Teaching ModePart-Time. See Additional Teaching Mode Information for more info.
QualificationsPG Dip
NFQ LevelLevel 9
NFQ Award TitleMajor
Fees€6,700 See Fees and Costs for full details.
Closing Date21 June 2024
Next IntakeSeptember 2024

There are two types of offerings of this online blended programme. One is predominantly online based with just two face to face classes, over the two years in Cork (Online Part Time). The second is predominantly a face to face classroom based delivery in Cork with some online classes (UCC Campus Part Time).

Start DateSeptember 2024

Course Outline

This programme will equip graduates to implement coaching in diverse settings such as Business, Human Resource, Leadership Development, Training, Education, Management, Life Balance, Personal Coaching, Health Care, Social Care, Career Coaching, Sports Coaching, Performance Measurement and Improvement and Change Management.

Coaching is now recognised as a key component in increasing performance, achieving goals and optimising personal and group effectiveness. Existing models of coaching are now being applied in wider contexts and in emerging new settings. This programme will assist students to develop new skills to meet increasingly complex life and management challenges and to practice these coaching skills to the highest standards.

Upon completion students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the role of relationship in the coaching conversation or intervention.
  • Implement an integrated approach to Coaching drawing on appropriate approaches and coaching models
  • Evaluate the different types of Coaching interventions required within Business, Management and Personal Coaching
  • Implement Coaching in the development of effective Leadership and within the process of managing change
  • Practice cognitive behavioural coaching and understand the role of psychology in the coaching process
  • Practice and integrate emotional intelligence in their coaching process through effective self-management, mindfulness and heighten personal and social awareness
  • Employ coaching skills to build resilience and wellbeing in self and in others
  • Demonstrate research skills and integrate evidence-based practise into the practical use of Coaching
  • Draw on reflective practice as a means of learning and develop effective writing skills with the use of journal keeping
  • Coach within ethical and professional boundaries following an established code of ethics and supervision.

Please see below a short introductory video about the course.

Course Queries

For Academic Queries and Course Content Queries please contact the Programme Coordinator Pat O Leary at p.oleary@ucc.ie.  

For Online Application Support please click here. 

If you require further assistance with your online application please contact the Programme Administrator Noreen Delea at n.delea@ucc.ie. 

Additional Teaching Mode Information

Delivery Mode Option 1 [Classroom-based delivery]

Students can choose to complete this programme in a predominantly face to face classroom environment on UCC Campus with some online lectures.


  • AD6003: Coaching Practicum (20 credits)
  • AD6006: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (5 credits)
  • AD6016: Research Methodology and Reflective Analysis (5 credits)
  • AD6808: Coaching Structures and Competencies (10 credits)
  • AP6049: Systemic Psychodynamic Coaching with Teams and Individuals (5 credits)
  • AP6050: Business and Management Coaching for Leadership, Change and Organisational Development (5 credits)
  • AP6056: Building Workplace Resilience in Self and Others (10 credits)

Delivery Mode Option 2 [Online/Blended delivery]

Alternatively students can choose to complete this programme in a predominantly online environment with some face to face classroom workshops. All face to face classroom deliveries on this option will be based in Cork with a total of two classroom based workshops over the course of the programme.  


  • AD6011: Coaching Practicum (20 credits)
  • AD6013: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (5 credits)
  • AD6017: Research Methodology and Reflective Analysis (5 credits)
  • AD6809: Coaching Structures and Competencies (10 credits)
  • AP6053: Systemic Psychodynamic Coaching with Teams and Individuals (5 credits)
  • AP6054: Business and Management Coaching for Leadership, Change and Organisational Development (5 credits)
  • AP6056Building Workplace Resilience in Self and Others (10 credits)

Course Practicalities

For the predominantly classroom based offering lectures take place on UCC campus, Cork on Tuesday evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, with occasional weekend workshops.

For blended online delivery classes take place on Monday evenings 6.30pm - 9.30pm with occasional weekend workshops. Contact the programme coordinator to request the 2024/2025 schedule. 


Continuous assessment based on academic essays, reflective assignments, coaching competencies and presentations.

Who teaches this course

Staff of the School of Applied Psychology, Coaching Practitioners who deliver life coaching and organisational coaching regularly in diverse settings and Staff of Adult and Continuing Education. 

Why Choose This Course

This Postgraduate Diploma in Personal and Management Coaching which was established in 2012 expands your theoretical knowledge of coaching and develops the skills and approaches needed to grow as a professional coach. Whether you are new to coaching or an established coach this programme will support you to building strong relationships, develop potential and also fostering resilience and wellbeing in self and in others. This programme will examine Coaching Psychological frameworks that support both individual change and organisational development. It explores positive psychology, strengths based interventions and incorporates evidence based mindfulness practices. Students develop an understanding of a range of psychological perspectives which contribute to their style of coaching and professional development.  

The use of wellbeing coaching is explored both from the perspective of self-care and care of others. Coaching to support, empower and communicate effectively, even during critical moments of stress and challenge, is integrated into the programme. Our aim is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be able to support people and organisations to flourish. It combines the study of empirical research on coaching, with the practical skills and competencies you need to apply this expertise in contemporary society.

This programme will support you to develop your own private coaching practice and, as a consultant practitioner, to identify and research areas of specialisation that complement your particular area of interest within the coaching domain. 

Progression to MSc in Personal and Management Coaching

Once you successfully complete the Post Graduate Diploma in Personal and Management Coaching you can, if you wish, seemlessly progress to the MSc in Personal and Management Coaching. This is a one year programme and requires the completion of 30 credits. The MSc presents you with an opportunity to gain a specialisation in coaching which will serve you well as you progress and deepen your practice. For full details of the MSc in Personal and Management Coaching click this link here




  • Hold an NFQ Level 8 honours degree or level 8 Higher Diploma, in which at least a second class honours was awarded or hold an appropriate professional qualification with at least two years’ significant experience in coaching or management with senior professional responsibility
  • Each candidate will be required to submit a two hundred word document outlining the reasons why they wish to undertake this programme
  • Applicants are required to supply two written references. One reference must be a professional reference
  • All applicants with be required to attend for interview as part of the application process
  • Final selection of candidates will be subject to the approval of the Programme Team
  • The English Language Requirements for applicants whose first language is not English must have attained IELTS Level 6.5 or the equivalent TOEFL score

Online/blended students need to be aware of the student checklist which is highlighted in the Apply Now Section.

Fees and Costs

6,700 euro

For further information on fees and financial supports please click here.


How To Apply

Applicants need to be aware of the IT student checklist below before applying:

  • You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer running a modern supported operating system with all software updates.
  • Some of UCC’s services (e.g. the Canvas Virtual Learning Environment) link to an external site and also have mobile apps for iOS and Android Devices that you may wish to use as part of your studies.  However, we recommend using your desktop web browser for submission of assessments.
  • You should always use the most current version of your preferred browser. In general, we recommend the Chrome Web browser (Important Note: Internet Explorer will not work with Canvas).
  • We recommend a reliable broadband connection with at least 2Mbps or more.
  • You will require an Office suite of software (Microsoft Office or equivalent) and a PDF reader. You should always use the latest version of this software.  All UCC students will have access to Office 365 which includes software such as Word/Excel/Powerpoint etc. once registered.

To Apply for this course please follow the steps below:

When you log into the Application Portal:

Click Apply Online

Select Start a new Adult & Continuing Education Application 

On the 2nd tab Academic Level 
Select the following options:
Academic Level: Adult Continuing Education (ACE at UCC)
Course Type:  ACE Part-time Courses
Academic Programme: The course title you are applying for.

During your online application you will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Application Statement
  • Birth Cert or Passport
  • Passport Photograph 
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • English Language Test Report [if applicable]
  • Transcripts [if applicable]
  • 50% of the fees are also required to complete your application. 

NOTE: When you apply you will have a choice of doing this PG Diploma as an 'Online Part Time' or as a 'UCC Campus' delivery. If you wish to do this programme online, with just two face-to-face class days in Cork, choose 'Online Part Time' If you wish to do this programme predominantly face-to face in class on UCC Campus choose 'UCC Campus Part Time'.



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