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Fresher's Fest

Fresher's Fest workshops are open for registration. Do you need help with essay writing, getting involved, finding your way around?

These workshops are designed for you. For more information, click the sign up button.

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As a student at UCC you will join a family that is woven from the threads of ancient heritage and a distinctly modern focus.

Patrick O'Shea, President, University College Cork

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Advice for your first year in UCC

- Decide to meet one new person every week. Classmates are a great resource if you have to miss a lecture!
- Find the ideal place for your study – a cosy corner in the library might be your best option
- Go to your lectures. By attending lectures you will receive vital information and tips that will NOT be on Blackboard
- Get to know your Academic Advisor/Mentor
- Get involved in Student Life

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UCC Skills Centre

UCC Skills Centre

The Skills Centre provides a dedicated, responsive and active learning space for the enhancement of your study skills, further contributing to a positive and successful student experience here in UCC.

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Make the most of all the opportunities that come your way. Start today!

Anne Wallace

First Year Experience Coordinator

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