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25 Oct 2019

The UCC Staff Tabletop Gaming Club held its first evening session this month to great success. Rude unicorns and flooding islands with snacks and good company, this was the first of more to come.

It was a good night, and managed to get two games in.

The first was a coop game, treasure island, where the players cooperated to rescue a bunch of treasures while around them the island (board) was sinking. Lots of fun. 

The second game of the night was Unstable Unicorns, a game that is very much not a co-operative effort, inviting backstabbing, in fighting all the joys of fighting with your friends (as well as some NSFW naughty unicorn cards). 

The next lunchtime session will be on 7 November. 

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If you're interested in joining the club, pop an email and he'll add you to the list. 

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