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The new Culture as Performance – Performance as Culture research cluster within SLLC's Centre for Advanced Studies in Languages and Cultures (CASiLaC), was launched on November 25th.

1 Dec 2014
New Research Cluster - Inaugural Event

Cork based Rosalin Blue gave a taste of her work as a poetry performer. Under the title: "What is Spoken Word? What is Performance Poetry?"

The 25-minute performance part was followed by a lively discussion about different performative styles and the potential role of 'literature performance' within the modern languages curriculum at UCC.

For further details regarding the research cluster see the details below. Should you wish to be put on the Cluster Mailing List please contact the coordinator, Dr. Manfred Schewe, at

Specific research areas include:

·        The notion of creative practice: what does it mean to create? 

·        Theories of performativity.

·        The interrelationship between Modern Languages and the “aesthetic field” (including theatre, film, music, visual art, dance, performance art). 

·        The relationship between translation, performance and identity; the practice of translation for the stage. The ways in which theatre and performance cultures travel within and beyond national boundaries. 

·        Theatre text and performance: cross-fertilization and cross-contamination. Feminist, philosophical, psychoanalytical and pedagogical approaches to the theatre text in contemporary European contexts. 

·        Elements of an ”aesthetics of the performative”, including Presence/Co-presence, Spatiality, Physicality, Sound/Voice, Rhythm, Emergence. 

·        The theory and practice of performative teaching and learning.

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