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School Preparing for Quality Review

13 Nov 2012
School Preparing for Quality Review The School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is at present preparing for a quality review in March 2013. The quality review is a periodic process by which the different parts of the University evaluate all aspects of their work — in our case, teaching, learning and research. The School is engaged on the process of producing a self-assessment report; this will in turn be considered by a peer review group, made up of experts from within and beyond UCC, which will make recommendations for quality assurance and quality improvement on the part of the School when they meet formally in UCC next March; this phase will be followed up by the development of a quality improvement plan which the School will produce next year in the light of the deliberations of the peer review group. The School is very grateful for the active engagement of staff, students and wide range of other stakeholders in the course of its preparations for the quality review, on which we will draw in very large measure as we prepare the self-assessment report between now and mid-January. 

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