The George Guilbault Medal (Analytical Chemistry)

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  • Value: Medal and cash award
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this prize
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To perpetuate the memory and to honour the academic achievements of the late Professor George G. Guilbault, the first Chair Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University College Cork (1995–2005) and Head of the Chemistry Department (1996-1998), the Agilent Technologies funded Analytical Chemistry Prize is awarded annually. Professor Guilbault, a pioneer in the field of biosensors, described the first immobilised enzyme prototype, a system used by NATO as its Nerve Agent Alarm from 1963 until 1985 and developed the first potentiometric biosensor for urea assay.

The following conditions of award apply:

1. The award is termed the “The George G. Guilbault Medal”
2. The Prize is open to competition only among those candidates who obtain honours in Chemistry or Chemistry with Forensic Science (CFS) in the fourth year BSc (Hons) Degree Examinations.
3. The Prize is awarded to the candidate who has achieved the highest aggregate performance in analytical chemistry, comprising the modules CM4026, CM4027 and either module CM4210 (CFS students) or module CM4206 (Chemistry students). In the event of two (or more) students have the same performance, the Prize will be shared.
4. The Prize consists of a medal and a cash award.

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