Book an Appointment with the SAF Office



There are no general opening hours for the SAF Office. Visits to the office are by appointment only.

There is no requirement to make your application in person. You can drop off the completed application form with necessary financial documentation to the office or by post.

However, if you are unable to complete the assessment tool due to your unique situation, believe that the guidance produced from the assessment tool varies from your actual situation, had a change of circumstances, travelled or worked abroad or have a complex situation, then you need to make an appointment through our website. There are multiple options available each week so you can come and have a chat with one of our advisors. This informal chat will clarify what you need to provide to satisfy the requirements.



Select a date that suits you and then click on that date so you can choose a time to visit the office by completing the instructions.

Ensure you put in your full name, ucc student umail address, phone number and main purpose of visit.

New appointment times will be added each week for the forthcoming weeks.


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