About Research Integrity @UCC

About Research Integrity@UCC

Research Integrity encompasses responsible conduct of research, training of researchers at all levels, research data management and management of research misconduct. UCC is committed to ensuring the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of research, founded on basic principles of good research practice to be observed by all researchers and research organisations. 

UCC is part of the National Forum on Research Integrity. The Forum membership is drawn from research funders, research performing organisations and other relevant organisations. It is coordinated by the Irish Universities Association and is chaired by Professor Anita R Maguire (UCC Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Chemistry and School of Pharmacy, Director ABCRF). See https://www.iua.ie/research-innovation/research-integrity/ for further information.


Disseminate Research Integrity Information

Colleges and Units are expected to circulate and ensure the wide dissemination of key Research Integrity policy documents and guidance information, to all research personnel in your their areas: postgraduate research students, post-doctoral researchers, research support staff, Senior Researchers/Principal Investigators, College Executives and Research Committees.

Knowledge and compliance with key Research Integrity Policies

Key institutional, national and EU/international policy documents (see Research Integrity Policies & Guidance) provide a robust framework for the UCC Research Community - all research stakeholders across the institution are expected and required to uphold the principles and process of these key policy documents, including the UCC Code of Research Conduct and the National Policies on Research Integrity, such as the National Policy Statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland and the national Framework to Enhance Research Integrity in Research Collaborations.

Research Integrity Training

At a very minimum it is expected that all UCC research personnel complete the Epigeum online training in Research Integrity, which is endorsed by the National Research Integrity Forum – details on how to register for and undertake the course are available at Epigeum Registration & Further Information | University College Cork (ucc.ie) The NRIF recommendation is that this course should be taken at least once every three years in order for researchers to keep abreast of trends/developments in Research Integrity at a national and international level.

UCC Research Community stakeholders are strongly encourage to avail of additional training in Research Integrity such as the Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Details of additional Research Integrity Training are available at Seminars workshops & talks.

UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO)

UCC subscribes to the UKRIO who are experts in the field of Research Integrity and provide access to essential resources and services. The UKRIO help institutions achieve high standards when managing challenges to research integrity and supports individuals faced with bad practice. UKRIO advice and guidance emphasises the good practice that runs across all research disciplines and all regulatory remits.


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