People in CELT and their roles


Professor Donnchadh Ó Corráin conceived the idea of CELT and founded it in 1992. Until his retirement, he was CELT Director.


Dr Hiram Morgan is CELT Director.


Beatrix Färber has been CELT Manager and Editor since 2000. She was contributing to and overseeing LDT,
and has been involved in the Digital Dinneen, as well as in Writers of Ireland.


CELT gratefully acknowledges the assistance of its funders:

Professor Marianne McDonald supported CELT 2000–2004 with a core grant through the American Ireland Funds.

The Irish Higher Education Authority supported CELT first from 2000–2003 as part of the PRTLI 1 Documents of Ireland Project with €73,000.

The HEA again supported CELT, and eDIL at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, from 2003–2006 under Strand 1 of the North-South 
Collaborative Scheme, with €257,000 (€131,000 for CELT and €126,000 for eDIL). This grant was awarded for the Project Linking Dictionaries and Texts 
conducted at University College Cork and the University of Ulster.

The Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences awarded CELT a Government of Ireland Project Grant of €178,000 under the theme
"Research Infrastructures in the Humanities and Social Sciences" for the period 2005–2008.
The award was used towards compilation of a Digital Dinneen, an electronic dictionary on the CELT website.

Over all these years, University College Cork has been providing CELT with technical support and benefits in kind. 
The President's Strategic Fund awarded CELT seed funding for Writers of Ireland in November 2005.
In 2006, we raised private funds through a Charity Art Auction.

For 2007, CELT gratefully acknowledges the invaluable contribution of the UCC Arts Faculty, which allowed operation from 2007 into 2008.

In 2008 CELT was awarded a grant from the HEA under PRTLI 4 which has funded its core operation until August 2010.

CELT is now funded by the School of History, University College, Cork.

In 2012 Beatrix Färber was awarded a grant of 3000 Euro from the Irish Heritage Council for establishing the project Annals of James Ware. It involved transcription of an unpublished Latin manuscript by James Ware, and preparing a TEI-conformant XML edition from it, then rendering it into HTML, and presenting the results during Heritage Week 2012 in Cork City Library. It is now online in our Text Corpus.



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