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Online Registration

Online Registration

Registration for Ongoing Students

For students who passed the Summer exams, an email will be sent to their UCC student Umail account when online registration for their programme of study is open. Online registration for each programme will be opened as per the table below: 

Undergraduate Registration Schedule



Last Date that Registration Notification to Students will be issued

Medicine & Health  Medicine  12-Aug-2019
   Dentistry  12-Aug-2019
   Speech & Language Therapy  12-Aug-2019
   Occupational Therapy  19-Aug-2019
   Pharmacy  19-Aug-2019
   Public Health & Health Promotion  19-Aug-2019
   Nursing - Years 2 & 4  19-Aug-2019
   Nursing - Year 3 (all programmes) + Years 4 & 5 Integrated Children's and General Nursing  05-Sep-2019
 Law All except BCL French, Irish & International 3  19-Aug-2019
  BCL French, Irish & International 4  02-Sep-2019
 Food Science &  Technology  All  19-Aug-2019
 Engineering &  Architecture  All 19-Aug-2019
 Business  All except BCOM International 3 19-Aug-2019
   BCOM International 3 29-Aug-2019
 Science  All 27-Aug-2019
 Arts  All except BA International 4 30-Aug-2019
   BA International 4 05-Sep-2019


Postgraduate Registration Schedule



Date that Online Registration will be open

ALL  ALL 02-Sep-2019


Students Waiting on Autumn Results

Online registration will only be available 5 working days after Autumn results have been released.

Dates for release of Autumn results can be found here: 


Instructions for Online Registraiton 

Instructions for Online Registration - Undergraduate Ongoing Students 19/20


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