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Lunchtime Seminar: ‘Centering and Embedding Family Carers in the Co-Production of Carer Research, Supports and Policy.’

3 Dec 2021

PPI Ignite Network@ UCC and the Institute for Social Science in the 21st century (ISS21) hosted a lunchtime seminar on the 3rd December, 2021. 

The seminar outlined how family carers are integrated and involved in the co-production of carer research, policy and supports. Seminar speakers included Dr. Fiona Masterson and Paul Skelly who are both family carers and spoke about their perspectives on the co-production of carer research and how researchers can build and develop meaningful and productive relationships with family carers. Dr Nikki Dunne from Family Carers Ireland described the lessons learnt from establishing a PPI panel of family carers, as well as future plans. Liam O' Sullivan from Care Alliance Ireland discussed the role of the organisation in the co-production of research and the evolving landscape of PPI. Dr. Irene Hartigan and Dr. Carol Kelleher from University College Cork discussed two separate research projects funded by the Irish Research Council New Foundations scheme; CARERENGAGE and INTERFACE. Both projects involve collaborations between family carers, UCC researchers, Family Carers Ireland and Care Alliance Ireland. For both projects, the perspectives of family carers, researchers and partner organisations will be presented.  


If you missed the seminar, you can watch it back here. 


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