Supporting Expertise and Formulation Technologies

In addition to our dedicated research in the area of Nucleic Acid Delivery, we conduct research and have expertise in a wide range of complementary areas, which can support research in nucleic acid therapeutics.


Research Area: Lyophilisation


Key Papers

Prof Abina Crean and Dr Sonja Vucen

Application of a mixture DOE for the prediction of formulation critical temperatures during lyophilisation process optimisation

Fluorescence spectroscopy for the determination of reconstitution time of an in-vial lyophilised product


 Research Area: Machine Learning


Key Papers

Prof Brendan GriffinDr Joey O'Shea and Dr Patrick O'Dwyer

Applying Computational Predictions of Biorelevant Solubility Ratio Upon Self-Emulsifying Lipid-Based Formulations Dispersion to Predict Dose Number

Artificial Neural Networks to Predict the Apparent Degree of Supersaturation in Supersaturated Lipid-Based Formulations: A Pilot Study


 Research Area: Physiologically Based Biopharmaceutics modelling


Key Papers

Prof Brendan GriffinDr Joey O'SheaDr Patrick O'Dwyer and Dr Sonja Vucen

On the usefulness of four in vitro methods in assessing the intraluminal performance of poorly soluble, ionisable compounds in the fasted state

Lipidic dispersion to reduce food dependent oral bioavailability of fenofibrate: In vitro, in vivo and in silico assessments


 Research Area: Regulatory Science


Key Papers

Prof Brendan Griffin and Dr Patrick O'Dwyer

Knowledge of Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting and the Pharmacovigilance of Biological Medicines: A Survey of Healthcare Professionals in Ireland

Regulation of biosimilar medicines and current perspectives on interchangeability and policy


 Research Area: In vivo preclinical models


Key Papers

Prof Brendan Griffin and Dr Joey O'Shea

The pig as a preclinical model for predicting oral bioavailability and in vivo performance of pharmaceutical oral dosage forms: a PEARRL review

Pre-clinical evaluation of a modified cyclodextrin-based nanoparticle for intestinal delivery of Liraglutide


Research Area: Nanoparticle Preparation


Key Paper

Dr Sonja Vucen

A TLR9-adjuvanted vaccine formulated into dissolvable microneedle patches or cationic liposomes protects against leishmaniasis after skin or subcutaneous immunization

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