What our undergrads say

Undergrad Yr 3 Student: Jean

I really enjoy my course, as well as the great college life that comes with it, here in Brookfield, UCC. My interests include travel, reading, and attending many of the free classes that are on offer to students, in the Mardyke Arena.

How I came to study Occupational Therapy at UCC:  My interest in this profession was first sparked during my placement in Enable Ireland, while in Transition Year, in school. Having observed an Occupational Therapist at work, I felt that this profession was really something I was interested in. After attending the open day in UCC, during my Leaving Certificate year, I was sure that this caring profession, with an occupational focus, was for me.

What I like about the course:  There are many reasons why I and so many other students enjoy this course. Firstly, we all really appreciate the opportunity that we have each year to go out on Practice Education. This is an exciting time to implement the theory that we learn in class and get some great ‘hands-on’ experience, working with clients.

The course also gives us the opportunity to study anatomy, physiology and psychology, to enable us to treat our clients, in a holistic way.  Finally, the great college life that comes with studying in UCC as well as the opportunity to participate in all the events run by the Clinical Therapies Society makes for a very enjoyable time, here in UCC.


Undergrad Yr 2 International Student: Morgan

Hi. My name is Morgan Parker. I’m an American student in my 2nd year of Occupational Therapy at UCC. I came quite the distance from the west coast of the USA to study in Ireland. Besides the clichéd Irish-American family ties, I had little connection with Ireland. Nonetheless, my interest in the history, the culture, and the beauty of its green landscape was strong enough to pull me across the ocean.

Being a part of the Occupational Therapy program at UCC, has made my adventure to Ireland feel like arriving home. The OT program provides a great college atmosphere, where the classes are small enough the professors know your name, and your classmates become some of your closest friends- you can share the academic workload or just hangout with and watch Father Ted. The college’s central location in Cork City puts you in the middle of the hustle and bustle and allows you to experience the uniqueness of the city.  After learning how to decipher the Cork accent- they promise me they’re speaking English, the Irish have taken me on several opportunities of a lifetime, from kissing the Blarney Stone to the academic side of getting a small glimpse of what it maybe like to live life from a wheelchair. In two years time, I will graduate with a degree recognized internationally and experiences I could have received nowhere else.


Undergrad Yr 4 Male Student: Scott

A bit about myself:  I would describe myself as a typical student. I enjoy watching TV /DVDs, meeting up with friends and going to the pub. I’m sports mad. I play rugby and do a bit of surfing and mountain climbing in my free time.

How I came to study Occupational Therapy:  As long as I can remember I was always interested in the area of health like physiotherapy, psychology, medicine, nursing etc. However, when it came to filling out my CAO form I hadn’t a clue what health course to pick. Around the same time, a family member started working with an occupational therapist after a serious illness. After talking to the occupational therapist and looking up the UCC prospectus I decided that this was the course for me.

My experiences of the course:  I have really enjoyed studying Occupational Therapy in UCC. Obviously there have been times when I have been under pressure with exams or assignments, which is a common phenomenon in every student’s life, but I have always found my occupational therapy lecturers to be really approachable and willing to help in any way possible. Unlike other courses where you could have 100 people in your class, there is only 25 people per year in occupational therapy. This has meant that I have really got to know my class mates and make some life long friends. The thing that I have enjoyed most about the course is that in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year you get to go on ten week placements in hospitals where you work with an Occupational Therapist. For instance in 2nd year I worked with a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with kids who had suffered traumatic brain injuries. While in 3rd year I did a placement in a stroke rehabilitation setting. 

Why choose Occupational Therapy:  If you are a people person, open minded and enjoy helping people then Occupational Therapy is for you. This is a great course to choose because the qualification you gain is internationally recognised allowing you to work in countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England and India. Finally Occupational Therapy is anything but boring as it offers you the opportunity to work in a number of different and varied fields like physical rehabilitation, paediatrics, adults, mental health, community and primary care.


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