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Educational Resources for Dental Professionals

KEDS 2018

Fluoride And Caring for Children's Teeth (FACCT) study - Health Research Board (HRB) Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) 2018: What the Researcher and the Dentist want to share, supporting knowledge dissemination.

The aim of this project was to develop a set of online educational resources to disseminate the results of the FACCT study to General Dental Practitioners. The project was completed in collaboration with the Irish Faculty of Primary Dental Care (IFPDC), whose input guided the structure and content of the materials.

Suggested citation: James, P., Beecher, D., Whelton, H. and Harding, M. (2021, Mar 31). FACCT Educational Resources for Dental Professionals. Available from:

This work was funded by the Health Research Board: HRB KEDS Award KEDS-2018-045.

Although the resources were developed for General Dental Practitioners, they will be of interest to dental hygienists, oral health promoters, dental nurses, health professionals and members of the public. The resources can be accessed below.






Setting up for School Dental Examinations

This video resource was created to assist examining teams during phase 2 of FACCT clinical fieldwork in 2016-17. It explains the procedures involved in setting up and conducting oral epidemiological fieldwork in a school setting. The video was produced at the Oral Health Services Research Centre by Virginia Kelleher, Theresa O’ Mahony and Professor Mairead Harding with assistance from AVMS, UCC

Suggested citation: Kelleher, V., O’ Mahony T., & Harding, M. (2016, Sept 5). FACCT Setting up for School Dental Examinations. Available from:

This work was funded by the Health Research Board: CARG/2012/34


Oral Health Services Research Centre

University Dental School & Hospital, Wilton, Cork T12 E8YV, Ireland.