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TY Project & Essay Competition

Transition Year Project & Essay Competition

Are you a person who loves picnics and spending time outdoors on a gorgeous sunny day? Walking along the coast on a beautiful sandy beach enjoying the sunshine, blue skies, hot sands, collecting amazing seashells? What about a big ice cream cone topped with a massive flakes and hundreds of thousands! Now its photo time to record this beautiful image, everybody say cheese! click!

Now lets take a deeper look at the photo, big smiles and grinning teeth, how do they look? Are they healthy looking, clean and happy?

Can you imagine these beautiful teeth in contrast to the environment? Have you ever thought how our teeth can be related to the environment? Have you ever thought having a tooth filling done? What do you think about the filling process? How it can be related to our beautiful surrounding around us? What type of correlation exists between the Environment and caring for our teeth?

If you are interested in discovering the relation between tooth health and the environment, why not join us for the essay competition, win a prize and lots more!


The subject to be addressed is an essay on Tooth-Coloured Dental Filling Materials and the environment.

The competition includes two sections:

  1. To help you consider the topic, three guideline questions are provided.
  2. The answers to these questions can be incorporated in to your essay.


  1. How do you describe the environment and wild life? And what does the environment mean to you?
  2. What do oral health and dentistry mean to you?
    What do you know about Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their activity?
  3. How could the whole three questions be related?


  1. This competition is open to all the transition year students in Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Limerick.
  2. A 1000 words essay incorporate the theme must be submitted in English. (Font size 12, double space)
  3. Submitted essay must not be a copy of published work. Plagiarism form to be completed and included.
  4. Answering all questions given in guidelines. To support your report, you can add a drawing, image, diagram, tables or schematic.
  5. All essays should include: Introduction, Explanation of Tooth-Coloured Dental Filling Materials and the environment follow up examples and your Conclusion.


Electric Toothbrushes kindly sponsored by Industry


3 prizes will be awarded to the best essays and comprehensive best answers to the questions.

The prizes including a voucher/gift cards and a certification would be awarded in a ceremony held in Dental School- Cork University Hospital.

Also, Students will get the opportunity to visit the School of Dentistry at Cork University Hospital (CUH).

Group photos will be taken with the participated school’s students and individual photo with awarded winners. Photos would be shared on CUH newsletter, OHSRC (Oral Health Services Research Centre) website and Twitter.

Submission Deadline:

Closing date for receipt is no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 12th November 2019. All applications must be sent through email to

On the email subject mention “LESS Hg- transition year project”, please.

Results announcement:

A research committee will assess the applications and the results will be announced by 17th December, 2019. Prizes will be awarded by mid-January at a ceremony held in the Research Centre Cork University Hospital.


Click here to download a pdf version of the information leaflet: Transition Year EPA 2019.

Oral Health Services Research Centre

University Dental School & Hospital, Wilton, Cork T12 E8YV, Ireland.