FACCT is an important research study about children’s oral health. The FACCT study is a joint University College Cork/Health Services research project and is funded by the Health Research Board. FACCT stands for Fluoride And Caring for Children’s Teeth. The study will take place in primary schools in Dublin, Cork and Kerry.

Fluoride helps to strengthen our teeth and makes them more resistant to decay. Water contains some fluoride naturally and in Ireland water fluoride levels are adjusted so that it can help protect our teeth. Fluoride is also found in most toothpastes and mouthwashes.

In 2007, the government reduced the level of fluoride in drinking water. The FACCT study will look at the impact this reduction in fluoride has on the oral health of children in Junior Infants and 6th classes.

Children in Junior Infants class will be invited to take part in FACCT again when they reach 2nd class so that we can check their adult teeth. This will give us a good understanding of how children’s teeth develop over time.

Oral Health Services Research Centre

University Dental School & Hospital, Wilton, Cork T12 E8YV, Ireland.