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CAVSTOR: Leveraging Mobile Edge for Storage in 5G Services:

  • HPCS 2020 - CONTENTO: An open simulator for storage and content management services in mobile edge computing

iVID: An Internet Infrastructure for Video Streaming Optimisation:

  • LANMAN 2019 - DI5GUISE: A highly Dynamic Framework for Real-Time Simulated 5G Evaluation
  • MMSys 2018 - dashc: a client emulator for DASH video streaming
  • LCN 2017 - Prototyping and Evaluating SDN-based Multicast Architectures for Live Video Streaming
  • MMSys 2017 - Stall Aware Pacing (SAP) Testbed
  • ICIN 2017 - MiniNAM:A Network Animator for Visualizing Real-Time Packet Flows in Mininet
  • LANMAN 2016 - D-LiTE: A platform for evaluating DASH performance over a simulated LTE network
  • WINTECH (MOBICOM) 2016 - D-LiTE-ful: An evaluation platform for DASH QoE for SDN-enabled ISP offloading in LTE

Interior Path Vector (Routing) Protocol:

  • LCN 2006 - An Interior Path Vector Routing Protocol

Mobile and Internet Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer Science, Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork, Ireland.