MMSys 2018

dashc, client emulator for DASH video streaming

dashc is an emulator of the video player, it is intended to be used as a test tool. The original goal was to have a lightweight test tool for network performance experiments with a real DASH video streaming traffic.

dashc has several options which can be changed through the command line arguments:

  • video adaptation algorithm (Conventional, BBA-0/BBA-1/BBA-2, ARBITER);
  • initial buffer size (in segments);
  • last segment index for play;
  • log file and folder name (the log file can be on/off);
  • maximum buffer size (in seconds);
  • persistent connection (on/off);
  • generation of the meta information for BBA-2 and ARBITER (file with segment sizes);

You can find the source code of dashc on the following link 


Aleksandr Reviakin, Ahmed H. Zahran, Cormac J. Sreenan. dashc : a highly scalable client emulator for DASH video. MMSys 2018 Open Dataset & Software Track.


Mobile and Internet Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer Science, Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork, Ireland.