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There’s something in the water!

14 Nov 2012

The Department of Microbiology, UCC is hosting a conference, Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology 2012, that is investigating the possibilities of delivering novel food additives from marine sources. 

Researchers from over 20 countries are presenting the latest research in the areas of marine microbiology and biotechnology. In recent years it has become clear that marine micro-organisms play a fundamental role in the working of the world’s oceans and impact on the global ecosystem through their diverse activities. Understanding marine microbial biodiversity is therefore central to the analysis of large scale, eco-system function and stability.


In addition, the emerging underestimated sense of scale and diversity of marine microbial life in our oceans suggests untapped reservoirs of biotechnological opportunity for which we are only now developing appropriate tools and techniques to access. This conference will present findings from current state of the art investigations in these areas and highlight efforts to deliver novel commercial enzymes, food additives and bioactive compounds from marine sources. The full conference programme is available online:


The conference is organised by the Irish division of the Society for General Microbiology, co-funded by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies. The local committee is comprised of members of staff from the UCC Microbiology Department and affiliated research centres/institutes; Chair: Dr Niall O’ Leary (SGM Irish Division Committee, Department of Microbiology), Professor Alan Dobson (Director Environmental Research Institute), Professor Fergal O’ Gara (Director BIOMERIT Research Centre), Dr John Morrissey (SGM, Eukaryotic Division, Department of Microbiology).

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