How are we going to do audience research for UCC

Discovery workshops

We worked with our external partners, Picklejar Communications, to design and deliver a series of internal stakeholder discovery workshops. 

These workshops gave us an opportunity to work with you, the people who already know something about your target audiences, to better envisage UCC's ideal target audiences and uncover existing audience insights. Basically we used these workshops to discover what you already know about your audiences and what you don't know (but would like to) know about those same audiences. 

If you would like to contribute in anyway to our audience research initiatives, please send me an email to 

In-depth research

We will take what we learn from the workshops and work with Picklejar Communications to design in-depth research to fill in the gaps in our knowledge about our target audiences. This in-depth research will include: 

  • Taking the insights we gained from the internal workshops and identifying areas that require further research. We will also identify things we already know and source the data that supports that knowledge
  • designing questionnaires, surveys, online card-sorts and focus group activities
  • conducting research activities with particular emphasis on qualitative approaches such as interviews, focus groups and workshops with representatives of the audience themselves 
  • collating our findings together from our various research activities

Analysis of the findings

We will work with Picklejar Communications to analyse the findings. We will

  • understand how to identify the important findings and identify avenues for further research if required
  • structure and code the analysis to make it understandable to the wider UCC community so that it is usable in your day-to-day work

Research outputs

Following the analysis, we will develop a number of outputs, tools and techniques for your use including: 

  • Persona templates
  • User journey mapping templates
  • User stories
  • Page table templates

All of which will be available to you to help you create more effective content for your marketing and communications activities on behalf of UCC. 

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