Getting to know our audiences

UCC's Office of Marketing and Communications does audience research from time-to-time, so that we can produce timely, relevant and accurate content on our website and other communication channels. Better content allows us to better meet the needs of the people who interact with us.

Why are we doing audience research?

We want to understand the people who interact with the university so that we can communicate more effectively. Whether you're someone who's thinking of coming to study at UCC or someone looking to partner with one of our researchers, when we understand you well, we know how to provide you with information in a way that meets your needs. So we conduct audience research to understand the information you need from us, and where is the best place to deliver that information to you. We take that knowledge and apply it to the text we write, the videos we make or the graphics we illustrate. 

This set of web pages outlines the kinds of activity we undertake and what we do with any data we collect. 

Office of Marketing and Brand Impact

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