Irish Institute of Japanese Studies/アイルランド日本学研究所

Welcome to the Irish Institute of Japanese Studies

The Irish Institute of Japanese Studies (IIJS) stands alongside the Institutes of Chinese and of Korean Studies in the School of Asian Studies. Its aims are threefold:

  1. to provide a research and teaching centre for the relatively new discipline of Japanese Studies in Ireland, especially in the arts and humanities and social sciences;
  2. to develop a network with other scholars in Europe who are interested in the areas that researchers in Ireland come to favour, as well as with colleagues in Japan;
  3. to sponsor cultural events such as presentations of Japanese film, music, theatre, and other arts.

The activities of the Institute will further the agenda of internationalisation (with an emphasis on Asia) that is prominent in the University’s current Strategic Plan.


The Irish Institute of Japanese Studies

Institiúid Éireann um Léann na Seapáinise