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Change to Google Storage

Google are making changes in their provision of storage, primarily Google Drive.  Please read our article to learn more about this change and actions you might need to take.

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14 Dec 2022
Image of changes to Google Drive storage limits.

Further to our recent emails, we would like to remind you about a change that Google are making in their provision of storage, primarily Google Drive, that has consequences for UCC’s continued use of their services.

From January 1st 2023, Google will be imposing charges on Education customers for stored data with capacity in excess of 100 Terabytes. UCC currently consumes over 280TB, thus it needs to reduce this to avoid significant cost.

The good news is that alternative online storage is available on UCC’s Microsoft OneDrive (5TB), Teams and SharePoint (25TB per site)

As a consequence, two things need to happen:

  1. A data storage quota of 15GB will apply to all UCC staff Google accounts from the 16th of January 2023. Please note that less than 6% of staff accounts will be affected by the application of the quota.
  2. Data should be moved from Google services to Microsoft OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint. All data that is moved and/or deleted from Google Drive will be helpful in this process, even if your usage is under the quota.

An intranet site Google-Drive.aspx, provides further details of the change. It describes how to check how much storage you are using, how to move your data and facilitates providing feedback on the change. 

We will be running an information session on Thursday 15th December @ 10am over Teams about the changes that are happening to UCC Google Services.  You can join the information session on the 15th December here We will run another of these sessions in mid-January, date and time will be confirmed by email from IT Services.

IT Services are conscious that this change may be disruptive for staff using in excess of the quota, thus we encourage you to complete the feedback form available on the intranet site and attend our information sessions and will work with you to provide a short-term workaround to allow you time to plan and migrate data processes that may be impacted.

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