Guidance for Students

As a student at University College Cork, we know that you are constantly striving to achieve your goals and succeed academically. We also recognise that access to technology and digital resources is essential to your student experience.

That's where this page comes in - we have compiled various resources and information designed to support and empower you as a student in a digital age. Inclusive UCC is committed to promoting digital inclusion and providing access to the technology and digital resources you need to succeed at university.

We encourage you to explore the resources available and use them as tools to help you succeed at university in both your academic and digital pursuits. If you have any suggestions or feedback on additional resources that would be helpful to add to the toolkit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Expand Your Understanding

Accessibility tips from Google Suite

Feature availability across Google Workspace for Education

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Reading on screen

This site offers advice on how to make reading on screen easier.

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Technology strategies for students

Technology strategies collated from students and staff

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