IERG AFDD tool wins iMERC Innovator of the Year runner up award 2013

7 Oct 2013
Dr Dominic O'Sullivan & Ken Bruton of the IERG team receive the iMERC Innovator of the year 2013 runners up award

The iMERC Innovator of the Year runner up award 2013 was presented to a team of researchers from Intelligent Efficiency Research Group (IERG) at UCC including Dr Dominic O’Sullivan & Ken Bruton on October 7th 2013. 

This is the second innovation award received by the IERG research team for this project, as they picked up the UCC ICT Innovation of the year award for 2012 earlier this year.

The air handling unit (AHU) fault finder software finds its application in large industrial facilities, where it will automatically identify faults in AHUs which can cost organisations significant time, money and resources to detect. 

Developed under the Enterprise Ireland-funded i2e2 Technology Centre, the energy savings identified in trial at five large multinational sites in Ireland ensures that this product will be commercialised quickly. 

To date the tool has already saved industry partners such as DePuy J&J, EMC Ireland and Analog Devices over €160,000 in verified energy savings.

The inventors are already in negotiations regarding licensing the technology, which has attracted interest from the US, and are currently in the process of setting up a spin-out company to commercialise this valuable product.