Dr. Dominic O' Sullivan Presents at Engineers Ireland Seminar

14 Apr 2014
Dr. Dominic O' Sullivan at the Engineers Ireland Seminar

The Engineers Ireland Cork Region Annual Seminar took place on 9th April, with the focus of this year's event being "Digital State: Evolving Engineering". A number of speakers from a variety of sectors were invitated to present on how information, comunication and technology is playing an ever increasing role in engineering functions.

The Directory of the UCC Intelligent Efficiency Research Group, Dr Dominc O'Sullivan, presented on the work undertaken by the IERG and how they are applying smart analytics to improve engineering performance. The groups research involves the application of ICT and software solutions to the area of; Demand Side Management, Process Optimisation and Improved Efficiency. Dr. O' Sullivan outlined the vision for the Factory of the Future, involving Improved Decision Support and Automated Smart Control.