Dr. Brendan Walsh

Dr Brendan Walsh is a Chartered Engineer with over twenty years Industrial and Consultancy experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Brendan undertook both his Masters and Phd with the Inteilligent Efficiency Research Group. Brendan’sMaster of Engineering Science Degree was in “Phase Change Materials” and Brendan’s PhD was in “Manufacturing Process Sustainability Advancement through a Water-Management Value-System”.

Since leaving the IERG group in 2016 Brendan has taken up a Lecturing role in Munster Technological University in the Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Dr Peter O'Donovan

Peter O’Donovan was with the IERG group from 2013-2018 He is a graduate of Software Engineering and has over 20 years experience working in industry. His research interests include Big Data Systems, Data Analytics and Machine Learning – and their application to the Engineering Informatics domain.

Peter completed his PhD with the IERG group in “Industry 4.0 Embedded Machine Learning Applications” and worked on a research project that focused on the development of an automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) tool for large Air Handling Units (AHU) as part of the Innovation for Ireland’s Energy Efficiency (i2e2) Technology Centre.

Since leaving the IERG group Peter has taken a role as Director of Data and Digital Solutions in PepsiCo.

Dr Colm Gallagher

Colm has previously worked with the Albanese Organization in New York based in Americas’ first LEED platinum certified residential high-rise building, where he analysed the performance of advanced renewable and energy efficient technologies such as PV systems, on-site waste water treatment, storm water collection, high-efficiency absorption chillers and HVAC systems. Colm also has experience in the energy services industry. This role involved Colm partaking in energy reviews and audits to support multinationals in identifying and implementing energy saving opportunities. This work gave Colm experience of both technical opportunity identification, and energy management in line with ISO 50001.

Colm completed his PhD while with the IERG group in the application of data analytics to the measurement and verification of energy savings. The goal of this research was to reduce the uncertainty in estimated energy savings and progress M&V towards an accurate and adaptable automated processColm has also undertaken research in the field of data analytics in association with multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, which investigated the application of data mining techniques for energy analytics on an industrial process.

Since leaving the IERG group in 2019 Colm has worked with Eaton as a Lead Data Scientist and is currently Chief Data Scientist with Hitachi Zero Carbon.

Dr Kevin Leahy

Kevin Leahy is a Research Engineer who worked in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in UCC. He graduated with a BEng in Energy Engineering from UCC in 2013 and returned to UCC initially as a researcher and then to pursue a PhD in the applicaiton of analytics to renewable energy systems at large industrial sites.

Kevin worked closely with industry on a project to maximise the efficiency of a manufacturing process through intelligent analytics and process optimisation.

Annie Duffy

Annie Duffy is an Electronic and Computer Engineering graduate from NUI Galway. She undertook a summer internship with IERG in 2018, working on research surrounding Block chain and Energy.

Annie has continued on to study for a Research Masters with the IERG in UCC. Her research has investigated augmented reality, manufacturing wearables and digitisation of manual manufacturing processes. The goal of this research is to highlight the benefit of incorporating hand held devices to improve access to manufacturing and maintenance information on the factory floor.

John McCarthy

John McCarthy is a Research Engineer in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCC. He graduated with a BE (Civil) (2004) and returned to the Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept. at UCC in 2012 as part of the Energy Monitoring and Wirless Network Systems (EMWiNS) project.

The EMWiNS project aimed to systematically develop a tool to support the embedded monitoring and fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) of HVAC systems. The project investigated the viability of a model-based approach to FDD by comparing the results of reduced order HVAC models to data from air handling units in real-time. EMWiNS is currently 18 month project funded by Enterprise Ireland with the involvement of three universities, namely: University College of Cork, National University of Ireland, Galway and the Cork Institute of Technology.

John was formerly a consulting engineer with RPS Group specialising in Energy Efficiency and HVAC Commissioning and Validation. He provided creative and sustainable solutions for a range of multi-national clients across multiple sectors to optimise their operational efficiency by undertaking special investigations and implementing Energy Management Systems from I.S. 393 through to BS EN 16001 and ISO 50001.

Mark McCaffrey

Mark was a MaREI funded research support officer with the Intelligent Efficiency Research Group.  His research interests are in user experience research and design, human computer Interaction, lean UX, scrum, internet of things, cognitive computing, energy management, fault detection diagnosis. Marks work with IERG involved investigating and applying lean UX to IERG engineering projects.

Donal Dignan

Dónal is a MaREI funded research assistant with the Intelligent Efficiency Research Group. Much of his work is performed in conjunction with a large manufacturing company and involves improving the energy efficiency and monitoring of industrial utilities. He worked in conjunction with a large manufacturing company and was involved in improving the energy efficiency and monitoring of industrial utilities. 

Tim Dorrington

In his time here, Tim completed a bachelors in Energy Engineering , having returned to University as a mature student, following a career in the construction industry.

Tim's work involved investigating critical issues associated with renewable energy sources in smart grid technologies and how Control retrofits can result in Energy saving in Industrial Utility systems.

Andrew McGregor

Andrew was an Energy Engineering undergrad when he came to the IERG, a degree he has since finished.

Andrew undertook a summer placement with the IERG in 2015, where he worked on a visualisation tool for AHU fault detection and management. He was also involved in the implementation of the IERG Factory of the Future model.


Dr Sean Murray


Sean Blake

Sean completed a research masters in energy engineering in his team at IERG. His research focused on energy management of a microgrid system with renewable energy penetration, through optimal sizing and operation of distributed energy resources.

Sean Hayes

In Sean's time with the IERG group his research focused on the application of expert systems for the purpose of indsutrial optimisation. 

Sean Davin

Sean worked as a mechanical engineering reseracher with the IERG for over a year.

Dr. Rosie Clancy

Dr. Rosie Clancy obtained her PhD at IERG in the field of Manufacturing Engineering. Her thesis was titled was "Digitisation of Industrial Data with a View to Improving Decision Making Leading to Increased Efficiency." Her experience at IERG helped her to gain understanding and insight into different industrial data and processes and experience presenting and facilitating questions. She is currently a Product Owner at at Biomedical Manufacturing Company.