The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) is an industry led, world-leading, collaborative programme of research and innovation in integrated sustainable energy system technologies. The IERC brings together international companies and researchers in the energy space, leveraging research capabilities and technologies to find commercial solutions to the global energy demand challenge.

The IERG/IERC EMWiNS project aims to systematically develop a tool to support the embedded monitoring and fault isolation that forms the basis for automated continuous commissioning of HVAC systems in buildings. This tool will be deployed in a wireless monitoring and control (sensor/actuator) network.
In order to achieve this aim, the project will develop:

  • A model based diagnostics system (based on the Lydia system) to incorporate residual analysis and fault isolation for continuous-valued inputs from building systems data.
  • Simulation of Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) “what if” scenarios using extended Lydia to isolate faults in the WSAN and building components;
  • Wireless sensor/actuator network(WSAN) design, deployment and network-monitoring tool;
  • Generation and execution of embedded code from Lydia models on the CIT OFM middleware platform deployed in a suitable building test-bed
  • Parameter-updating of WSAN and diagnostic algorithms using life building performance data extracted through the OFM middleware in order to maintain the building energy consumption at design-intent levels.
  • Reduced order HVAC models that consider fault detection.
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