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‌ Children’s Communication Checklist - 2nd edition (CCC-2)


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The Children’s Communication Checklist (CCC-2) was developed to help us understand more about communication strengths and difficulties in children.  Although we can get an idea of how a child communicates by using language tests, it is helpful to also find out how the child behaves in an everyday setting. The CCC-2 is designed to assess the communication skills of children aged between 4 and 16 years 11 months. The checklist is in the form of a questionnaire which can be filled out by parents while children complete the tasks outlined.  The checklist looks at different aspects of communication such as speech, vocabulary, grammar, and the social skills of children and adolescents who speak in sentences.


Examples of questions-

(give a score 0 = less than once a week or never, score 1 = at least once a week, but not every day, score 2 = once or twice a day, score 3 = several times a day or always)

  • Talks about his/her friends; shows interest in what they do and say

  • Leaves off past tense -ed endings on words, so might say "John kick the ball" instead of "John kicked the ball", or "Sally play over there" instead of "Sally played over there".

  • Surprises people by his/her knowledge of unusual words - uses terms you'd expect to hear from an adult rather than a child


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