Examination Results

Examination Results

Release of Semester 1 Marks

Provisional results for Semester 1 can be viewed on My Student Admin from the following dates:

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences:

Tuesday, 5th February 2019 at 10.30am

College of Medicine and Health: 

Wednesday, 6th February 2019 at 10.30am

College of Business and Law:

Thursday, 7th February 2019 at 10.30am

College of Science, Food Science and Engineering:

Friday, 8th February 2019 at 10.30am

Examination Result Dates Spring 2019

Listed in alphabetical order of programme title

Note: Results will be released by 4pm on the relevant date 

Programme Title Year Results  Release Date (4pm)
BComm 3 12-Apr-19
BDS 5 15-Jan-19
BDS Graduate Entry 4 15-Jan-19
BE (Process and Chemical Engineering) 3 26-Apr-19
BSc (Business Information Systems) 3 12-Apr-19
BSc (Comp Sc) Single Hons (Software Ent) 3 26-Apr-19
BSc (Comp Sc) Single Hons (Web Sys Eng) 3 26-Apr-19
BSc (Computer Science) Single Honours 3 26-Apr-19
BSc (Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship) 3 08-Apr-19
BSc (Food Science) 3 08-Apr-19
BSc Government 3 12-Apr-19
BSc (Int Development & Food Policy) 3 08-Apr-19
BSc Nursing (Children's & General) 5 01-Mar-19
BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability) 4 01-Mar-19
BSc (Nutritional Sciences) 3 08-Apr-19
BSc (Paramedic Studies) 2 15-Mar-19
BSc (Public Health) 3 11-Apr-19
CPD Nursing (MH6014, NU5086, NU6005, NU6078, NU6125, NU6150, NU6158) 1 11-Apr-19
Diploma in Paramedical Science 1 06-Feb-19
Higher Diploma in Food Science & Technology 1 08-Apr-19
Higher Diploma in Midwifery 1 06-Feb-19
Master of Public Health (dissertation) 1 01-Mar-19
Master of Public Health (core modules) 1 11-Apr-19
Master of Public Health (online parts B&C) 2 11-Apr-19
MBA 2 15-Jan-19
MRESM 2 06-Feb-19
MSc (Advanced Nursing Practice) 2 06-Feb-19
MSc (Anal of Pharmaceutical Compounds) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Analytical Chemistry) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Biotechnology) 1 05-Apr-19
MSc (Computing Science) 1 07-May-19
MSc (Coops, Agri-Food & Sustainable Dev.) 1 07-May-19
MSc (Data Science and Analytics) 1 07-May-19
MSc (Economics of Business Practice) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Environmental Analytical Chemistry) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Food Business & Innovation) 1 07-May-19
MSc (Food Microbiology) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc Health Economics Practice 1 12-Apr-19
MSc (Innovation in European Business) 1 15-Jan-19
MSc (Innovation in European Business) 2 16-Mar-19
MSc Integrative Coun & Psychotherapy 4 12-Apr-19
MSc (Interactive Media) 1 07-May-19
MSc (International Accounting Practice) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Management and Marketing) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Management Information & Acc Sys) 2 12-Apr-19
MSc (Marine Biology) 1 05-Apr-19
MSc (Molecular Cell Biology) 1 26-Apr-19
MSc (Occupational Health) 1 11-Apr-19
MSc (Occupational Health) 2 11-Apr-19
Postgrad Cert in Marine Biology 1 05-Apr-19
Postgrad Cert in Nursing (Gerontological) 1 11-Apr-19
Postgrad Cert in Nursing (Medical-Surgical) 1 11-Apr-19
Postgrad Cert in Nursing (Oncology) 1 11-Apr-19
Postgrad Diploma in Analytical Chemistry 1 26-Apr-19
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health 1 11-Apr-19




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