Examination Appeals

As a student of University College Cork, a student is entitled to appeal the results of an examination or assessment. 

If you are considering appealing your results, this video presentation by former Exam Appeals Officer, Daniel Blackshields, provides all the information you need to make your decision.

Exam Appeals Info Video link


An appeal of an examination/assessment result will be considered on the following grounds only.  

  • A) If there is evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of an examination.


  • B) If the student, on stated grounds, considers that the mark assigned in an examination is erroneous (students’ contention that they ought to have done better cannot ground a claim under this head). 


  • C) If there were circumstances of which the Examination Board was not aware when its decision was taken. 

Before submitting an appeal, please review the following important information.

  • Appealing an examination result is a serious matter and should not be undertaken lightly.
  • Students should note that an appeal of an examination result does not involve a reassessment of the examination paper(s) or other submitted material.
  • Pending the outcome of an appeal, which may not necessarily be upheld, students should avail themselves of any opportunity to re-present for examination, on the understanding that the resitting of an examination will not prejudice an appeal in any way.
  • The appeal must be submitted to the Student Records and Examinations Office within 2 weeks of receiving final results.
  • There is a €70 fee payable on submission of an appeal, this fee is refunded to the student if the appeal is upheld.
  • Students are also strongly advised to contact the Examinations Appeals Officer, Mr Michael Delargey, m.delargey@ucc.ie. The Examinations Appeals Officer can advise students on the appeals process and acts as a liaison between students, departments/schools and the Examinations Appeals Committee, but is not a member of that committee and does not participate in its decision.

The Exam Appeals Process 

  1. Students submit their appeal application online with fee.
  2. A transcript of the student's marks for the time they have been in UCC is automatically generated and added to the appeal application.  
  3. Following a review by the Exam Appeals Officer, the appeal is sent to the relevant School/Department for their response (i.e. their opinion). Schools/Departments are given one working week to reply.
  4. The response is sent by the School/Department to the Exam Appeals Officer, who then reviews it, before sending it to the student.
  5. The student has 48 hrs to either submit a further response to the department or confirm that the appeal is ready for the Exam Appeals Committee.
  6. Any further responses between the student and School/Department are sent through the Exam Appeals Officer.
  7. Once the student confirms they are happy for their appeal to be heard by the Exam Appeals Committee, the appeal documents are collated and prepared to be discussed at the next scheduled Committee meeting.  

The Exam Appeals Application form is now submitted online. 

Before you begin to log your application, we recommend you watch this video presented by former Exam Appeals Officer, Daniel Blackshields. The video provides a comprehensive guide on how to fill out the application form.

Exam Appeals Info Video link


Checklist before submission of the form

  • Have you the means to pay the fee online?
  • Have you prepared your personal statement?
  • Is your personal statement clearly written? Please carefully review your statement to ensure the details you provide are outlined in a clear manner.
  • Have you gathered your supporting documents?
    • Medical certs
    • Death certs
    • Letter from hospital
    • Letter from GP

Appeal Application Form

The online appeal application form is available here.

If you are a student at UCC's Irish Management Institute, please use the IMI Appeal Application Form

Further questions about the Exam Appeals process?

Please visit UCC Ask at https://www.ucc.ie/en/ask/ (this will open in a new tab/window) 




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