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CPD Module vs. CPD Offering - What's the Difference?

CPD Modules

As part of UCCs commitment to lifelong learning and continuing professional development, a selection of short part-time modules are on offer in UCC.

These Continuing Professional Modules (CPDs) are stand-alone modules and can be undertaken after a primary degree or equivalent has been achieved. The credits awarded for these CPD modules is called ECTS credits -  European Credit Transfer System Credits.  Full details on what a module means is outlined here.  Recognition for completion of these modules is in the form of a transcript of results. The CPD modules allow for flexibility in learning such that you can take one or more modules up to a maximum of 15 credits in any academic year.  Students can only take 20 credits worth of individual CPD modules in total.  If you wish to continue studying having taken 20 credits you will have to apply for the full programme.  In some cases the completion of a CPD module may allow exemptions from sections of a programme if a student subsequently applies for a relevant Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma within a certain timeframe of completion. This time varies between 3 and 5 years depending on the content of the CPD module and full programme. 

A full online directory of the ECTS modules running in the current academic year are outlined in the Prospectus.  The prospectus is the online A-Z of modules and their associated details.  For further information contact:  cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie

CPD Offerings

CPD offerings take place in UCC throughout the whole year, across all Colleges, Schools, Departments, Units and Centres. We have currently classified the CPD based on the College/School that offers it, but keep in mind that offerings outside of your professional area may also meet requirements for your CPD.

CPD Offerings can be used towards maintenance of CPD hours / CPD points in your chosen profession, and a UCC Certificate of Attendance/Completion will be issued to you.  A number of these offerings are accredited by professional bodies. If you have any queries about whether a CPD offering is affiliated to or accredited by a professional body or whether the offering is suitable for your CPD portfolio, please contact the Centre for CPD - cpd@ucc.ie.

What will my professional body recognise as CPD?

This is entirely down to the professional body that you are a member of / affiliated with.  We would advise you that if you are at all uncertain as to whether or not a CPD Module/Offering will meet your CPD requirements, that you should contact the Centre for CPD (cpd@ucc.ie) for advice and next steps.

If a CPD Module/Offering has been reviewed by a professional body and is accredited to that organisation, then it will be advertised with those details.  In some instances, CPD offerings can be relevant to numerous professions and UCC may only have accreditation from one or two professional bodies.  This should not exclude you from using the CPD in your portfolio for a your professional body.

Who can apply for CPD Modules or CPD Offerings

This is dependent on a number of factors.  If you are applying for:

CPD Module:

Modules usually have detailed entry requirements.  These requirements usually take the form of a certain academic entry point (participation in previous modules of certain types), but may also include a certain level of professional experience, access to technology, the internet etc.  If you know the module code for the CPD module that you are interested in, you can check entry requirements in UCC's Book of Modules.  If you have a query in relation to entry requirements for a CPD module, please contact the course co-ordinator listed in the Book of Modules or contact the Graduate Studies Office at cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie.

CPD Offering:

Entry requirements for CPD Offerings can be quite varied, but normally, it is the case that attendees must be qualified in their given profession, and if applicable, a member of a professional body.  Each CPD Offering will state the necessary entry requirements.  If there are no entry requirements listed on the CPD Offering, then it is usually the case that it is open for any level of professional to attend on payment of the registration fee.  If you have a query in relation to entry requirements for a CPD Offering, please contact the Centre for CPD (cpd@ucc.ie).

If I Have Queries About The Modules Who Can I Contact?

For queries about a particular module you should contact the module coordinator or administrator noted in the Contact Details section for each module on the prospectus. 

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