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CPD1702 Adult Intravenous Cannulation and Administration Course

2 Day Course 4th & 5th April 2023

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ICH - Good Clinical Practice for Investigators & Site Staff

CPD1781 Applications Now Open: Online Course

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Professional Supervision: Training for Social Work Supervisors

Organized by the School of Applied Social Studies this CPD workshop is focused primarily for Social Work front-line managers and supervisors. Taking place in Nov 2022 & Dec 2022

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Types of CPD

Credit-Bearing CPD (5 Credit or 10 Credit University Modules)

As part of UCCs commitment to lifelong learning and continuing professional development, a selection of short part-time modules are on offer in UCC.

These Continuing Professional Modules (CPDs) are stand-alone modules and can be undertaken after a primary degree or equivalent has been achieved. Recognition for completion of these modules is in the form of a transcript of results. The CPD modules allow for flexibility in learning such that you can take one or more modules up to a maximum of 15 credits in any academic year. Generally modules have a 5 credit or 10 credit weighting. Students can only take 20 credits worth of individual CPD modules in total.  If you wish to continue studying having taken 20 credits you will have to apply for the full programme.  In some cases the completion of a CPD module may allow exemptions from sections of a programme if a student subsequently applies for a relevant Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma within a certain timeframe of completion. This time varies between 3 and 5 years depending on the content of the CPD module and full programme.  Further information on CPD Modules can be found here: CPD Module FAQ's   Frequently Asked Questions 

Credit Bearing CPD Modules (that are part of a programme) You may take up to 15 credits in any year, with a maximum of 20 credits as CPD. As a general rule you may take one module per each Semester, one in Sem I and one in Sem II. Should you wish to continue studying after the 20 credits you may apply to do a full programme.  Should you proceed within the next five years to take a full programme in the area you studied you may be eligible for exemptions from the CPD modules you have taken. On completion of a CPD module a transcript is available outlining the modules taken from SREO :

Credit Bearing CPD Modules (that are not part of a programme i.e. that are standalone modules) CPD modules are stand-alone credits and cannot lead to an award.  On completion of a CPD module a transcript is available outlining the modules taken from SREO : As a general rule you may take one module per each Semester, one in Sem I and one in Sem II.

CPD Offerings (No ECTS Credit -Bearing Offerings); CPD Short Courses, Training Days, Workshops

CPD Offerings take place in UCC throughout the whole year, across all Colleges, Schools, Departments, Units and Centres. We have currently classified the CPD based on the College/School that offers it, but keep in mind that offerings outside of your professional area may also meet requirements for your CPD.  For example, those in Finance may find themselves looking towards Civil Engineering for some CPD in relation to Renewable Energy.  Make sure you have a good look at what's on offer and find a fit that is beneficial and rewarding.

If you don't see something here that you think would be of value to your profession or within your industry, please contact the Centre for CPD ( - our aim is for CPD to be responsive to your needs and so your input is vital.

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Study Flexi Options Post Graduate;  Details contained in the following link;

Flexi Options Post Graduate


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