CPD Development

One of the main functions of the Centre for CPD is to act as a point of contact for anyone wishing to develop CPD at UCC. The staff in the centre have an in-depth working knowledge of CPD across the university, and the key steps involved in providing quality CPD options for learners. Those wishing to develop CPD within or in partnership with UCC can contact the Centre for CPD as an initial starting point, should they wish, or use the information sections below

Business and Industry Collaboration/Partnership

UCC works with industry/ business on a regular basis to meet the development needs of professionals, employees and their employers.

UCC can offer bespoke CPD services to deliver single and/ or cross discipline CPD offerings across a wide variety of industries.

Why Chose UCC as a Partner/Provider for CPD?

Knowledge.  UCC has an extremely diverse range of subject knowledge and experienced subject matter experts - the University could offer CPD on any of these subjects for your business.  Click here to see a full list of Colleges, Schools and Departments.  

Expertise.  The University has a skilled Instructional Design Team that can support CPD developers in the delivery of CPD.  They providing services that range from the development of full online courses, to online supports used in the delivery of onsite/person-to-person CPD.

Quality.  UCC has a commitment to providing quality education that is relevant and topical for all of its students and learners.  Processes are in place that ensure that content that is delivered meets University standards.

Brand.  UCC is a world-renowned provider of higher education.  We are Ireland's first five-star University.  This means we have first-class learning and teaching, and world-class research that keep us on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and knowledge.


What are your Next Steps?

Contact the Centre for CPD today to enquire about potential options / opportunities for collaboration on CPD development with UCC. Our team has University-wide contacts and will ensure that your requirements and ideas are explored by the relevant experts and academics.


CPD Development Process

There are several processes in place for the development and approval of CPD.  The process that is followed will depend on which category the proposed activity falls under. For full detail on all of these processes, please refer to the Centre for CPD Policy and Process document, or contact the Centre for CPD.

For the purposes of differentiation between the two sub-groups, all ECTS CPD activities will be referred to as Modules, and non-ECTS CPD activities will be referred to as Offerings.


Credit-Bearing CPD (ECTS CPD)

‌‌ECTS Development Pathway


Non-Credit-Bearing CPD (non-ECTS CPD)

‌‌‌Non-ECTS CPD Development Process

Development FAQ's

What are the different types of CPD I can develop?

You can chose to develop ECTS CPD (credit-bearing modules), or non-ECTS CPD (training days, workshops, seminars etc..).  The decision to develop a certain type of CPD is entirely up to the developer, taking into account the target audience for that particular activity.  Many chose to offer modules already available as part of existing programmes as standalone CPD modules, reducing the amount of time involved in developing those modules.  Others opt for the non-ECTS offering route, if they feel that their target audience may not be overly interested in university exams or credits, or if they simply have a visiting lecturer available and hosting a seminar.  The options are extremely varied.


Is there a process for the development/approval of CPD?

Yes.  This depends on the type of CPD you wish to develop and have approved.  For details, please expand the 'CPD Development Process' section above.


Are there any supports available to help me develop/manage CPD?

Of course.  The Centre for CPD has a number of supports for you.  

  • Assistance and guidance through approval process
  • Website/Advertising facilities
  • Application/Payment facilities
  • Certification distribution
  • Records Management

Please contact the Centre for CPD (cpd@ucc.ie) if you would like to go through any of these in further detail.

Useful Documents and Links



CPD Policy and Process Document

Details the process for developing/ reviewing/ approving CPD.

CPD Governance Framework

Details the Governance structure around the Centre for CPD.  


CPD3 nonECTS CPD Proposal Form

Use this form if you want to propose a new non-ECTS offering e.g. workshop, training


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