New Academic Programmes

Interim arrangements for the Management of New Academic Programme Proposals are in place for the 2020-21 academic year. Work is underway in Priority 2 of the Academic Strategy reviewing the University’s current portfolio of academic programmes and planning for development into the future. This review will result in a plan and timeline for the amalgamation/removal and introduction of new programmes (ref. AB 6th Feb. 2019, AB 19th June 2019 and AB 21st Oct. 2020).


The following process should be followed where a new academic programme is being proposed:


1. The Head of School should be contacted in the first instance to discuss any new programme proposal, who, if supportive of the proposal, will inform the Head of College for an initial assessment against the following criteria:

  1. The introduction of the programme presents a competitive advantage or strategic opportunity for the University including a significant impact on the reputation of the University.
  2. The decision to pause the programme will have a material impact on the finances of the College/University.
  3. The programme is designed to support the professional development of UCC staff.
  4. The programme is in response to a national tender opportunity.
  5. The programme is required as part of an existing contractual obligation.
  6. There is capacity within administrative offices across Colleges, Admissions Offices and Academic Programmes and Regulations (APAR) to support the approval and introduction of the programme.


2. If the Head of College supports the proposed new programme, he/she will write to the Deputy President and Registrar (DPR), outlining what criteria the proposal meets and requesting the DPR's endorsement. Note: To avoid unnecessary effort proposers should not to complete an Outline Programme Proposal form in advance of endorsement by the DPR.


3. Following the DPR's endorsement, the programme lead must contact the Office for Academic Programmes and Regulations ( for an Outline Programme Proposal form which will need to be completed for approval by the College and Academic Board. Note: To avoid unnecessary effort proposers should not to complete an OPP in advance of endorsement by the DPR.


4. All new programmes remain subject to existing rules and deadlines governing their approval and introduction, (whereby new Undergraduate Programmes must be fully approved and signed off by end of February for inclusion in the CAO Handbook (18 months prior to intake) and new Postgraduate Programmes should be fully approved and signed off in time for PAC roll forward on 1st November).

Academic Programmes and Regulations

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