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Landlord or home owner

UCC StudentPad

If you wish to advertise a house, apartment or a room in your own home as student accommodation you can do so with with UCC StudentPad. This is a property listing website, similar to but only accessible by UCC students and propective students. 

You will also find useful resources such as guidelines for new landlords and sample letting agreements.

If you have questions about using StudentPad or anything related to renting out your property to students please feel free to contact us.

T: 021 490 3091


Public health guidelines

It is recommended that landlords & home-owners facilitate students in following all public health guidelines. We ask that measures are taken to ensure that tenants can maintain social distancing and, where necessary, self-isolation/restricted movement for the initial 14-day period of their tenancy.

If there are shared spaces and facilities within the property, including the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and washing machine, it may be helpful for students to follow a rota/schedule for the use of these spaces/facilities. It may also be necessary to draw up a formal procedure for the cleaning of these facilities after each use which all students should abide by. If possible, landlords & home-owners should ensure that students have sufficient access to cleaning materials for this purpose.

After 14 days, the students/tenants in the house can be considered a part of the same ‘household’. At this point the restrictions can be relaxed. However, it is still best practice to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Accommodation and Community Life