Our legal clinic is currently CLOSED. 

The TEJP will be closed from Wednesday 22nd June until Wednesday 13th July for summer break.     

During this time our emails and phone line will not be monitored. If you are a Traveller who has experienced discrimination and want to contact us regarding your options or if you have been referred to us, click this link to complete our discrimination log form.  


This will ask you some questions about what has occurred and will help us process your query quickly once we reopen in July. 

Please note that completion of this form is fully confidential. Submitting the discrimination log form does not mean that we will take your case. Staff will review your form and contact you accordingly to discuss your options based on the information provided. 


TEJP is a legal information service, which connects Travellers in Cork and Kerry who have experienced discrimination in accessing goods and services, to legal assistance.   


If you are a Traveller from Cork or Kerry, and you have experienced discrimination in accessing goods and services, you can contact us:   

Please email:    

Call or WhatsApp: 085 181 5882 / 085 181 5935   

(Monday - Thursday 10:00 – 16:00  


What cases can we take?  

Because of our funding, we can only take cases from Travellers in Cork and Kerry, which concern discrimination that occurred when accessing goods and services. 

Examples of discrimination include:  

  • Being denied entry to anywhere (pub, shop, restaurant) because you are a Traveller.  
  • Being treated differently than a settled person would be, because you are a Traveller, in somewhere like a shop, a restaurant, or when accessing a service like education, church, sports club etc.  

Note: if your case does not involve discrimination or relates to an accommodation issue, we don’t currently have the funding to take it on. We hope to expand this in the future but for now, we recommend the below resources. 


Alternate Resources 

If your issue does not involve discrimination, we recommend that you contact your local Traveller Community Project as they may have local resources that be best able to help your specific situation.  

You can see a country-wide list of Traveller organisations here:  



The Free Legal Advice Clinic (FLAC) can provide legal information over the phone: 

FLAC also have some family law specific clinics:  

The Legal Aid Board can provide free family mediation: 

They also provide legal aid services if you qualify:  

Exchange House Ireland can provide family support and crisis intervention services:  



Threshold can provide advice around renting and accommodation:  

Mercy Law Resource Centre provides free legal representation to some individual clients on homelessness, social housing and related social welfare matters:  

FLAC can provide legal information over the phone: 

Exchange House Ireland can provide support:  

Irish Traveller Movement can provide information:   

Ballymun Community Law Centre can provide support (limited to Dublin): 

Community Law and Mediation may advise on housing law:  

Citizen’s Information also provide information on your rights as a private tenant/local authority licensee or tenant  


Domestic Abuse   

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, there is support available to you. The below organisations have helplines and can provide support:  

This leaflet from Pavee Point also explains the supports available:  

Exchange House Ireland can also provide support: 



Criminal matters concern the prosecution of criminal offences. 

Criminal legal aid is granted by the Courts: 

FLAC can provide legal information over the phone, via their helpline: 

If you’ve been a victim of a crime, the following places support victims: 

If you are a Traveller and have experience with the police and courts in Ireland, the University of Limerick is running a project where they want to hear from Travellers about these experiences, you can see more about that here:


Civil (Personal Injuries, Contract Disputes, etc.) 

Civil matters concern disputes between you and another person, or between you and an organisation (rather than a crime or involving the police). 

Legal Aid Board provides Civil Legal aid, but only in limited circumstances, and only if you meet a means test:  

FLAC can provide legal information over the phone, via their helpline: 

Community Law and Mediation also offers some mediation services:  



FLAC provides some employment law specific clinics: or they can provide legal information over the phone: 

The Legal Aid Board can help in some employment matters, but cannot provide representation in relation to internal disciplinary or external workplace relations hearings:  

Community Law and Mediation can help with some employment law issues: 

Citizens Information can also provide information:  



Partner Organisations