About the Traveller Equality and Justice Project

The Traveller Equality & Justice Project (TEJP) is an innovative collaborative project between a Law School and a Traveller rights organisation, the Cork Traveller Women's Network.  

Based within the Centre for Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the School of Law UCC, TEJP aims to highlight ongoing levels of discrimination experienced by Travellers in Cork. The TEJP provides legal research support to Traveller organisations and maps experiences of Travellers who have been refused access to goods and services. In highlighting the barriers to justice which Travellers face in seeking to challenge their right to equal treatment under the Equal Status Acts 2000-2015, the TEJP seeks to address the ‘rediscrimination’ which many Travellers experience attempting to secure their right to equal treatment and access legal services. 

The TEJP has also produced a series of resources designed to clarify how the legal system works in discrimination cases, explaining how to challenge discrimination and how to apply to the relevant bodies – this guide series “Know Your Rights” can be found under Research/Outputs.  

The TEJP is kindly supported through an Irish Research Council New Foundations Award.  

Traveller Equality and Justice Project