Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Transitions to Sustainability

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Transitions to Sustainability (Routledge, 2016) Byrne, E., Mullally, G. and Sage, C. (Eds.)

‌Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Transitions to Sustainability (ISBN: 9781472462954)‌

Chapter List

Part 1: Setting the Scene

1. Contexts of transdisciplinarity: Drivers, discourses & process (pp. 3-20)

Gerard Mullally, Colin Sage and Edmond Byrne

2. Disciplines, perspectives and conversations (pp. 21-40)

Gerard Mullally, Edmond Byrne and Colin Sage

3. Sustainability as contingent balance between opposing though interdependent tendencies: A process approach to progress and evolution (pp. 41-62)

Edmond Byrne


Part 2: Transdisciplinary Conversations and Conceptions

4. Paradigmatic transformation across the disciplines: Snapshots of an emerging complexity informed approach to progress, evolution and sustainability (pp. 65-82)

Edmond Byrne

5. Fear and loading in the Anthropocene: Narratives of apocalypse and salvation in the Irish media (pp. 83-105)

Gerard Mullally

6. Bio-fuelling the Hummer? Transdisciplinary thoughts on techno-optimism and innovation in the transition from unsustainability (pp. 106-123)

John Barry 

7. The gulf between legal and scientific conceptions of ecological ‘integrity’: The need for a shared understanding in regulatory policymaking (pp. 124-140)

Owen McIntyre and John O'Halloran

8. Precaution and prudence in sustainability: Heuristic of fear and heuristic of love (pp. 141-157)

Bénédicte Sage-Fuller

9. Sustainable future ecological communities: On the absence and continuity of sacred symbols, sublime objects and charismatic heroes (pp. 158-169)

Kieran Keohane

10. Using energy systems modelling to inform Ireland’s low carbon future (pp. 170-185)

Brian Ó Gallachóir, Paul Deane and Alessandro Chiodi

11. Markets, productivism and the implications for Irish rural sustainable development (pp. 186-199)

Mary O’Shaughnessy and Colin Sage

12. Nanomaterials as an emerging category of environmental pollutants (pp. 200-218)

David Sheehan


Part 3: Conclusions

13. Sustaining Interdisciplinarity? Reflections on an inter-institutional exchange by an early stage researcher (pp. 221-232)

Stephan Maier, Michael Narodoslawsky and Gerard Mullally

14. In praise of intellectual promiscuity in the service of a ‘passion for sustainability’ (pp. 233-236)

John Barry

15. Transdisciplinarity within the university: Emergent possibilities, opportunities, challenges and constraints (pp.237-244)

Edmond Byrne, Colin Sage and Gerard Mullally

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