BA World Languages (CK110)

BA World Languages

BA World Languages (CK110)

The BA (World Languages) is a four-year specialist language programme. It aims to produce graduates with much sought after language skills and an understanding of language as a system and of the cultures of the languages studied. The inclusion of a wide range of languages is intended to maximize the impact and attractiveness of the programme: some languages are offered as Major Subjects, while the number of credits offered in other, complementary languages is limited. Medieval and ancient languages are offered alongside living European and World languages. Most of the languages offered can be taken without having been studied previously, but students of French or Irish must have taken them to Honours level in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent and, in any case, all students must have demonstrated competence in a language other than their first language. The Third Year of the programme is a structured Year Abroad.

In each year of the course, students will take intensive language courses in small groups and should expect to do additional exercises for each of the languages studied. Independent study will be an important part of the programme. For some languages, access is also provided to an online language course, reinforcing classwork and taken whenever and wherever the student has Internet access, or in the language laboratories. Students will also have additional lectures and readings on the cultures of the languages studied, but this will vary in quantity according to the language combinations chosen.

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